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EU and UNODC enhance cooperation to address increasing organised crime and violence within and beyond the EU

The key areas addressed were migrant smuggling, trafficking in human beings, illicit financial flows, critical infrastructure protection and illegalities associated with critical raw materials’ supply chains.

RUSI releases commentary on the UK Govt’s launch of its first strategy to tackle the silent threat of fraud to national security

The covid pandemic was a  contributing factor to the issue, crime had skyrocketed to the point where the UK economy was estimated to be losing £190billion because of its enormous scope and connections to both organized crime and terrorism, fraud has come to be perceived by many as a “silent threat” to national security. The legislative framework for tackling fraud formulating by scheduling new draft to banning possession of SIM Farms…

EBA issues a report on ‘virtual IBANs’ (vIBANs), following a comprehensive fact-finding exercise on the issuance and use by payment service providers (PSPs) of (vIBANs)

The key AML/CTF concerns identified include: 1) Insufficient visibility for national competent authorities (NCAs) regarding the extent of vIBAN offerings within their jurisdictions. 2) Differing interpretations of the applicable AML/CFT regulatory framework for cross-border vIBAN services. 3) Limited visibility for counterpart PSPs involved in fund transfers regarding the identity of the end users of vIBANs…


Swiss Federal Council adopts dispatch on strengthening anti-money laundering framework

The aim is to reinforce the integrity and competitiveness of Switzerland as a financial and business location by means of a federal register of beneficial owners and due diligence for particularly risky activities in legal professions, as well as other provisions.

BBC: Fake Olympics and Taylor Swift tickets are the two biggest online scams that are fuelling fraud

The abuse of online platforms continued to leave people vulnerable as the criminals stole £1.17bn in 2023, down 4% from 2022. It called on tech companies to do more to help stop the scams. Consumers lost £86m last year to purchase scams, in which they agreed to pay for something that never materialised, The alert came as the banking lobby group reported that the number of people tricked by romance fraud and purchase scams jumped to new highs last year…

ESAAMLG publishes second enhanced follow-up report and technical compliance re-rating on Tanzania

Finds that Tanzania has addressed the deficiencies in respect of the following Recommendations which have been re-rated as follows: Recommendation 6 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Partially Compliant; Recommendation 10 (initially rated PC) is re-rated to Largely Compliant; Recommendation 12 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Partially Compliant; Recommendation 13 (initially rated PC) is re-rated to Compliant; Recommendation 17 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Partially Compliant; Recommendation 18 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Compliant; Recommendation 19 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Compliant.

Europol assisted the Spanish National Police in dismantling two criminal groups involved in smuggling hundreds of Chinese nationals through various fraudulent means

Two stages were required for such a complicated investigation: 35 suspects were detained by Spanish law enforcement for allegedly aiding illegal immigration, forging documents, and being members of criminal organizations. Europol offered operational analysis support and on the day of the action, an analyst was sent to Toledo to offer forensic expertise and on-the-spot assistance….

FATF releases procedures for AML/CFT/CPF Mutual Evaluations, Follow-Up and International Co-operation Review Group (ICRG)

Mutual evaluations based on the 2023 Methodology will be a six-year cycle. The shorter cycle, greater scrutiny and strong follow-up mechanisms will ensure that governments stay focused on taking effective action to detect, prevent and punish money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

FINTRAC issues an advisory on the role of virtual currency automated teller machines in laundering the proceeds of crime

Describes key attributes of virtual currency automated teller machines activity in Canada suspected of being related to money laundering or terrorist activity financing. In particular, suspicious transactions involving virtual currency automated teller machines are concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Montréal Area, and Metro Vancouver.

US DoJ arrests an Indian national pleaded guilty for fraud conspiracy for stealing over $37m from a coinbase website

Tomar and his accomplices initiated a scheme to pilfer millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency from hundreds of victims across the globe and the US. Tomar and his accomplices spoofing the Coinbase website carried out the scam…

Europol experts shared 70 identification datasets to assist national authorities in child abuse investigations

The goal of the operation was to assist in the identification of the victims and offenders found in over 68 million media files that contained evidence of child sexual abuse that had been taken from various law enforcement agencies and turned over to Europol. In order to concentrate on unresolved cases of child sexual abuse, Europol has been bringing together victim identification specialists from all over the world since 2014…

AUSTRAC and SkyCity have agreed on a proposed $67 million penalty for Adelaide’s casino due to its violations of the AML/CFT Act 2006

SkyCity has acknowledged in reaching this agreement that it violated the AML/CTF Act in several ways, including that: Its AML/CTF Programs violated the section 81 by not adhering to the AML/CTF Act and AML/CTF Regulations…