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GRETA calls on Italy to better prevent human trafficking for labour exploitation and ensure effective sanctions for traffickers

The report shows that between 2,100 and 3,800 persons have been detected as possible victims of trafficking in Italy per year. While most of victims were women, the number of men and transgender victims has increased. Sexual exploitation remains predominant, but the number of victims of labour exploitation is growing….

Europol issues new podcast on people smuggling

In this episode of The Europol Podcast, Europol and authorities from Hungary and Austria tell the story of the Burgenland Corpses Discovery, one of Europe’s most tragic migrant smuggling cases.

Global Initiative releases report on ‘We just want to find our children’ – Understanding disappearances as a tool of organised crime

This brief draws from the work and perspectives of such civil society and community members who live in environments that are exposed to disappearances. It assesses this form of organized crime as a serious human rights violation. While informed by the global dynamics of this criminal market, it focuses on contexts in which disappearances occur in Latin America, analyzing in particular the cases of Mexico and Venezuela…


FinCEN sees increase in BSA reporting involving the use of Convertible Virtual Currency (CVC) for Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) and human trafficking

Latest Financial Trend Analysis (FTA) aims to combat human trafficking as well as the illicit uses of CVC, given the total number of OCSE- and human trafficking-related BSA reports involving CVC increased from 336 in 2020 to 1,975 in 2021

Council of EU adopts position to ban products made with forced labour on the EU market

The proposal prohibits products made with forced labour from being placed or made available on the Union market or exported from the Union to third countries. The competent authorities should assess forced labour risks based on a range of different sources of information, such as submissions from civil society…

Council and European Parliament strengthen rules on human trafficking

The new EU’s anti-trafficking law will include forced marriage, illegal adoption, and surrogacy as forms of exploitation. The update of the directive on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings will also require EU countries to make sure that people knowingly…

Human Rights Watch publishes annual report for 2024

Examines human rights suppression across the world during 2023, with a call to action for state actors to respond to the needs of those suffering under conflict in Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and the Sahel.

UNODC issues comprehensive report on the alarming rise of child trafficking in South Eastern Europe

The UNODC meeting in Skopje highlighted the growing problem of organized child trafficking in South Eastern Europe, stressing the importance of enhanced victim protection and challenging related prejudices. Key discussions centered on addressing exploitation, with a focus on safeguarding vulnerable children and dismantling criminal networks…

UNODC publishes Global Study on Homicide

The Study shows that 2021 was an exceptionally lethal year, with an estimated 458,000 intentional homicidesworldwide, averaging 52 killings every hour.

How slavery and human trafficking are growing issues in the UK and Internationally

Over the past 10 years, recruitment of victims has exploited social media’s availability, offering opportunity for traffickers to tempt and trick individuals into exploitative situations, significantly intertwining with various crimes…

UNODC publishes new research on women and girls killed in 2022

Finds the more women and girls were killed in 2022 even as overall homicide numbers fall.

Europol identifies 39 suspects in major online child sexual abuse swoop in the Western Balkan region

The operation led by the Slovenian National Police and coordinated by Europol aimed to identify and arrest people using online forums and messaging applications to share and distribute child sexual abuse material. More than 200 items containing images or videos of child sexual…