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RUSI explores how slavery and human trafficking are growing issues in the UK

Modern slavery and human trafficking is far from a new crime. Over the past 10 years, recruitment of victims has exploited the growing availability of social media. These platforms offer windows of opportunity for traffickers to tempt and trick…

UNODC publishes new research on women and girls killed in 2022

Finds the more women and girls were killed in 2022 even as overall homicide numbers fall.

Europol identifies 39 suspects in major online child sexual abuse swoop in the Western Balkan region

The operation led by the Slovenian National Police and coordinated by Europol aimed to identify and arrest people using online forums and messaging applications to share and distribute child sexual abuse material. More than 200 items containing images or videos of child sexual…

Financial Transparency Coalition publishes new report on ‘1 in 4 fishing vessels accused of forced labour owned by European companies, a quarter flagged to China’

The report warns that beneficial ownership information is rarely, if ever requested, by most countries when registering vessels or requesting fishing licenses, meaning that those ultimately responsible for the abuses are not detected and punished…

EU Parliament publishes briefing on EU measures to counter and prevent human trafficking

The report focuses on the creation of the ‘EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012-2016’, under priority A, action 1, it requires member states to establish formal national referral mechanisms to protect victims…

IOM and UNODC release new guidance to help combat human trafficking through data 

The first working draft of the ICS-TIP promotes a common approach for national data collection on human trafficking. The guidance will support governments to collect and analyse high quality, internationally-comparable data, which can be used…

Human trafficking statistics quadruples

Despite increased international attention and resources from states and other non-governmental institutions, the number of people falling victim to human trafficking around the world continues to grow. Between 2008 and 2019 the number of human trafficking victims…

Home Office issues Modern Slavery statement 2021 to 2022

The statement covers the progress ministerial government departments have made on implementing the ambitious goals set out in the modern slavery statement. Furthermore, the report emphasizes the Home Office’s dedication to continuously improving its efforts in eradicating modern slavery.

GI-TOC publishes report on Human smuggling and trafficking ecosystems in North Africa and the Sahel

This report described the fall of the protection racket by Libyan militias that underpinned the surge in irregular migration between 2014 and 2017, and reported on the impact of the enforcement of a law criminalizing human smuggling in Niger between mid-2016 and 2019…

US DoJ press release on money laundering in prolific human smuggling network takedown

The accused allegedly recruited and used straw persons to accept human smuggling proceeds in their bank accounts and then transferred these proceeds to the leaders under the pretense of “work” payments for construction. The superseding indictment also notices…

Europol publishes spotlight report on criminal networks in migrant smuggling

Details main features of modern migrant smuggling networks and explains phenomena such as ‘joint ventures’, where illicit actors cooperate at various stages in the migrant smuggling chain.

FinCEN Exchange in San Antonio brings together public and private stakeholders to combat fentanyl trafficking and human smuggling

Included discussions on FinCEN’s analysis of suspicious activity reporting related to fentanyl and its precursor chemicals, presentations from law enforcement highlighting the investigative and operational uses of Bank Secrecy Act filings, and presentations from financial institutions on their monitoring and detection of illicit financial transactions related to fentanyl and human smuggling.