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Human Trafficking

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Europol: Human traffickers luring Ukrainian refugees

The investigators monitored different online platforms to detect criminal networks attempting to recruit vulnerable Ukrainian refugees and identified suspicious advertisements targeting Ukrainian refugees, looked into tips received from citizens...
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UNODC new report on human trafficking

The report discusses the most common forms of trafficking in persons addressing the current challenges encountered by professionals who are involved in the different stages of the anti-trafficking response, from detection to prosecution, including prevention...
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Home Office on Modern Slavery Fund review

Home Office reports on trends and recommendations identified as part of a fund-wide review of the Modern Slavery Fund with the aim of reducing the prevalence of modern slavery internationally through a combination...
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US DoS Country Reports on Human Trafficking

The reports paint a clear picture of where human rights and democracy are under threat. They highlight where governments have unjustly jailed, tortured, or even killed political opponents, activists, human rights defenders...
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Human traffickers: more digital and highly adaptable

More digitalised than ever, migrant smugglers and human traffickers abuse social media platforms, mobile applications and encrypted communication tools to offer their illegal services, organise their logistics and secure their profits...
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Europol large-scale action against human trafficking

Europol supported large-scale international action against trafficking in human beings. 29 countries, led by Austria and Romania, took part in the action days, which were coordinated by Europol and Frontex....
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Home Office 2021 UK annual report on Modern Slavery

The report covers key developments across the UK in modern slavery in the period Oct 2020-end of Sept 2021. The most common forms of exploitation reported were labour exploitation for adults and criminal exploitation for minors...
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US Treasury expands Syria NGO General License

OFAC amended existing rules called the Syrian Sanctions Regulations to expand the authorizations for NGOs to engage in certain transactions and activities. It also amended a general license for NGOs to enable them to take part in additional transactions and activities...
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Home Office on Modern slavery statement registry

The Home Office launched a modern slavery statement registry online, to provide a platform for organisations to share the positive steps they have taken to tackle and prevent modern slavery to enhance transparency and accessibility, by bringing modern slavery ...
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US National Human Trafficking Prevention month

The US President has dedicated the month to raise awareness about human trafficking and to educate the public about how to identify and prevent this crime. Traffickers often take advantage of instability caused by natural disasters, conflict, or a pandemic...
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