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EBA issues guidance to AML/CFT supervisors of crypto-asset service providers (CASPs)

Amendments include guidance on the sources of information competent authorities should consider when assessing ML/TF risks associated with CASPs and highlight the importance of a consistent approach in setting supervisory expectations, where multiple competent authorities are responsible for the supervision of the same institutions.

EBA consults on new Guidelines on preventing the abuse of funds and certain crypto-assets transfers for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes

These ‘travel rule’ Guidelines specify the steps that Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Intermediary PSPs (IPSPs), crypto-asset service providers (CASPs) and Intermediary CASPs (ICASPs) should take to detect missing or incomplete information that accompanies a transfer of funds or crypto-assets.

EBA consults on the reporting of transactions with asset-referenced tokens and e-money tokens denominated in a non-EU currency under MiCAR

MiCAR establishes a regime for the regulation and supervision of crypto-asset issuance and crypto-asset service provision in the EU. It came into force on 29 June 2023, and the provisions relating to offering to the public and admission to trading of ARTs and EMTs will be applicable from 30 June 2024.

EC releases a Delegated Regulation supplementing Regulation focusing on regulatory technical standards for the AML/CFT central database

It highlights the regulatory technical standards specifying the materiality of weaknesses, the type of information collected, the practical implementation of the information collection and the analysis and dissemination of the information contained in the AML/CFT central…

EC published a list of all public functions of each Member State that qualify as prominent public functions

Politically exposed person: a natural person exercising or having exercised prominent public functions. This includes in particular:
heads of State, heads of government, ministers, deputy ministers and state secretaries; in Austria, this concerns in particular the Federal…

EMCDDA and Europol publishes EU Drug Markets Analysis on Cannabis

Estimated to be worth at least EUR 11.4 billion annually, the cannabis market is the largest drug market in Europe. Latest estimates show that some 22.6 million adults in the EU (15–64 years) have used cannabis in the last year. In 2021, seized quantities of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin in the EU reached their highest levels in a decade, at 256 tonnes and 816 tonnes respectively. In addition, over 4.3 million cannabis plants were intercepted.


Guardian/ICIJ investigates offshore services provided by Cyprus

Casinos and schools fill with Russians in the island’s Turkish-occupied north, which offers a sanctions-free life for those seeking to move their money after a clampdown in the south

FATF publishes follow-up report on the Mutual Evaluation of Finland

Finland has nine Reommendations rated Compliant,  28 rated Largely Compliant, 3 Recommendations rated Partially Compliant and none rated Non-Compliant.

EU Commission sets out new EU Roadmap of priority measures to fight organised crime and drug-trafficking

The Commission is adopting today an EU Roadmap to step up the fight against drug trafficking and criminal networks, building on the legislative and operational initiatives put forward so far.

Europol publishes “The Second Quantum Revolution: the impact of quantum computing and quantum technologies on law enforcement”

The report delves into the impact of quantum computing and quantum technologies on law enforcement to assess what can be done today to ensure a safe and secure transition to quantum computing and quantum technologies.

European Parliament and Council calls for clear rules on EC’s AML package

The Parliament highlights that the rules on identifying customers’ beneficial owners “have to be calibrated correctly and fit well within customer due diligence processes”. It also indicates that the ‘control exercised via other means’ criteria needs to be clear, workable and enforceable…

Europol publishes analysis on the amphetamine market in the EU

The online modules of this report will provide a comprehensive overview of the European illicit markets.