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This section covers the EU Sanctions List.

The EU maintains a Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions. It also maintains a list and map of countries subject to EU, UN or both EU and UN sanctions.

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OCCRP announces Polish Businessman makes millions from firm that deals with Putin’s Russia

Polish businessman Andre Mankowski, previously president of Moscow-based IT company AMT Group has disappeared from the company’s website, despite continuing to profit from its business with Putin’s sanctioned regime…

Russia has passed legislation allowing the seizure of US assets in Russian territory in response to the REPO Act

Russian President Putin issued Decree No. 442, establishing a mechanism to seize US assets within Russian territory and compensating the Russian Federation and Central Bank for losses caused by US decisions…

Netherlands arrests individuals for violating russian trade restrictions

Dutch financial crime agency FIOD arrested two individuals suspected of violating EU sanctions by purchasing Russian timber through Chinese suppliers, resulting in searches of their homes and businesses…

Latvian FIU provides a summary of the first 2 months since the FIU became the national competent authority in charge of the implementation of sanctions 

The Latvian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has processed 95 submissions, 23 exemption applications, and 160 notifications in its first two months as the national competent authority for sanctions implementation. The FIU is currently facing its first judicial proceedings challenging a decision…


Latvian FIU provides a summary of the first 2 months since the FIU became the national competent authority in charge of the implementation of sanctions

New EU rules criminalising the violation of EU sanctions enter into force

As from 19 May, the new rules will ensure that such violations can be criminally investigated and prosecuted in all Member States including violation and circumvention of EU sanctions, such as for example: failing to freeze assets; breaching travel bans and arms embargoes: providing prohibited or restricted economic and financial services, transferring funds that should be frozen to a third party…

European Council announces EU to set up new framework for restrictive measures against those responsible for human rights violations

Thew decision to introduce new regime is a part of EU response to the increasing systematic repression in Russia. The new system will allow the EU to those who provide technical or material support to people and communities who commit human rights abuses to people in Russia. The new sanctions regime will imposes trade restrictions on the export of technology…

Europol announces new series of measures issued against the administrator of LockBit

The administrator and developer of LockBit, a Russian national, is now subject to a series of asset freezes and travel bans.

EU Parliament condemns Iran’s attack on Israel: calls for de-escalation and further sanctions

Reiterates Parliament’s long-standing call to include Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the EU list of terrorist organisations, stressing that such a decision is long overdue due to malign Iranian activities. It similarly calls on the Council and EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell to add Hezbollah in its entirety to the same list.

Council of the EU provides final approval to introduce criminal offences and penalties for EU sanctions’ violation

Certain actions will now be considered criminal offences in all member states, for example helping to bypass a travel ban, trading in sanctioned goods or performing prohibited financial activities. Inciting, aiding and abetting these offences can also be penalised.

EU Commission updates 19 of its Russia sanctions FAQs on prohibited services

The key points include EU subsidiaries are prohibited from providing prohibited services to Russian parent companies, EU persons can still provide all services that are not prohibited in their capacity as employees of Russian entities, the prohibition applies to non-Russian branches of Russian entities which have no legal personality of their own…

MEPs have approved new rules to harmonise the enforcement of EU sanctions across member states including freezing of funds and assets

The new law sets consistent definitions for violations, including not freezing funds, not respecting travel bans or arms embargoes, transferring funds to persons subject to sanctions, or doing business with state-owned entities of countries under sanction. Providing financial services or legal advisory services in violation of sanctions will also become a punishable offence…