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Global Advisory on Russian Sanctions Evasion issued by the Multilateral REPO Task Force

The REPO Task Force’s collective efforts have resulted in the freezing of tens of billions of dollars and the freezing or seizure of high-value goods or property. However, some sanctioned Russian elites and their financial networks have managed to evade sanctions and...
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US Treasury Fact Sheet summarising outcomes from the Russian sanctions regime

Over 80% of Russia’s banking sector by assets are under U.S. sanctions, including the top 10 Russian-owned banks. More than 1,000 foreign companies reportedly have ceased or curtailed their operations in Russia since the start of the war, stifling investment and industrial...
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EU agrees 10th package of sanctions against Russia

The package contains new listings plus trade and financial sanctions, including further export bans worth more than €11 billion, depriving the Russian economy of critical tech and industrial goods. It also steps up enforcement and anti-circumvention measures, including a new...

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Basel Working Paper sheds fresh light on the sanctions and confiscation debate

The paper examines whether states should be able to confiscate sanctioned assets* purely on the basis that they have been sanctioned? The justifiability and legality of mechanisms such as Canada’s is currently the subject of debate. Two key issues include whether the...
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US and UK sanction members of Russia-Based Trickbot Cybercrime Gang

The US and UK have imposed sanctions against seven leading members of a notorious Russian hacking gang known as Trickbot which is a malicious software at one point was counted among one of the internet's most pernicious security threats, capable of stealing financial data...

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FinCEN alert on potential U.S. real estate investments by sanctioned Russian elites, oligarchs & proxies

FinCEN issued an alert cautioning all FIs regarding potential investments in the U.S. commercial real estate (CRE) sector, by or on behalf of sanctioned Russian elites, oligarchs, their family members, and entities through which they act. This alert complements sustained effort...
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Dutch Supreme Court judgment on intent in criminal sanctions violations

The Dutch Supreme Court confirmed that the applicable standard of proof for “intentional” violations of EU sanctions under Dutch law is generally low. The judgment confirmed that, although the intent of the accused with regard to the constituent elements of the...
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EU Parliament calls for more sanctions against Iranian regime

EU Parliament urged the EU to expand its sanctions list against Iranian regime to cover all individuals and entities responsible for human rights violations and their family members. The Iranian regime's blatant disregard for human dignity and the democratic
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EU updates sanctions toolbox to include corruption

The EU has updated the sanctions toolbox to include corruption and will set a sanctions framework targeting corruption in the Q2 of 2023. The EU’s Russia sanctions will remain in force for as long as the aggression against Ukraine and unlawful occupation/annexation...
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Will 2023 be the end of international sanctions?

The UN Security Council’s sanctions role has been neutered; new sanctions coalitions must ensure this key tool of international security remains effective. With the international sanctions regime up against the ropes, the West will need to not only rely on its own...
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EU agrees ninth package of sanctions against Russia

The agreed package includes a series of measures intended to hit hard Russian economy and abilities to continue its aggression. The EU will expand the export ban on aviation and the space industry related goods and technology to include aircraft engines and their parts...
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US Sanctions individuals and entities connected to corruption & human rights

US Treasury sanctions over 40 individuals and entities across nine countries connected to corruption & human rights abuse on the Anti-Corruption Day. The Treasury has made combatting corruption and serious human rights abuse a top priority, including through...
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