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Founded in 2001, the AMLP Forum is a cross-industry association of AML, anti-corruption and financial crime prevention professionals. We represent the industry voice to policymakers, governments, and law enforcement.

 Key priorities:

  • A peer-to-peer forum to share knowledge as well as strategies, compliance practices, and a culture of integrity
  • A support platform to advance the ongoing professional development of our members
  • Continuous cutting-edge professional resources, guidance, and updates
  • Training & specialised courses on topical issues to facilitate effective financial crime risk management
  • Enhancing regulatory and law enforcement dialogue with a focus on an effective approach to combating financial crime
  • Promoting public-private partnership to help improve the global response to the threat from financial crime
  • Supporting members operating in or dealing with emerging countries

AMLP Forum members pride themselves on being ethical and knowledgeable professionals, dedicated to best practices compliance, and being at the forefront of financial crime prevention.



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