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Jan 13, 2021

Egmont Group Calls for Greater Cooperation on Tackling Wildlife Crime – 13 Jan 21 » read more

Jan 4, 2021

US Congress passes into law the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, which includes ending anonymous shell companies and new antiquities AML law» read more

Dec 17, 2020

UK Government publishes its 2020 UK National Risk Assessment (NRA) of money laundering and terrorist financing » read more

Dec 17, 2020

EBA explains how it will use its new power to carry out risk assessments in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing» read more

Dec 16, 2020

FATF updates on COVID-19 related money laundering and terrorist financing risks – 16 Dec 20 » read more

Dec 10, 2020

FinCEN clarifies information sharing among financial institutions » read more

Nov 29, 2020

MENAFN: UAE- Ministry of Justice creates special federal courts for money laundering – 29 Nov 20 » read more

Nov 26, 2020

OECD praises the US for taking a leading role in the fight against transnational corruption – 26 Nov 20 » read more

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