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Empowering compliance


At AMLP, we are committed to upholding the highest compliance standards. For 20 years, we have passed on expert knowledge in financial crime. 

AMLP training courses are designed to help you become more competent and effective in your chosen financial crime field. They focus on topical financial crime issues to facilitate effective financial crime risk management and cover the latest developments in legal and regulatory obligations, best compliance practices and associated principles, as well as technological advances.


All our courses are fully accredited by The CPD Standards Office, an international-recognised mark of professionalism and quality. The CPD accreditation is a testament to the quality of our training and is a mark of professionalism for those who chose to take our courses. At the end of each course, a Certificate of Completion is provided to claim your CPD Hours / Points.

Annual AML/CTF & anti-corruption training


Our AML/CTF & anti-corruption risk awareness training (shortly also available on LMS) will help individuals and employees with their legal obligations to prevent financial crime, understand their company’s policies and procedures, spot red flags, and know when and how to seek advice. It is designed to satisfy the regulatory obligations for refresher training for all staff as well as training for new staff that join the business. A Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Specialist courses


AMLP also offers a range of specialist training courses in AML, economic sanctions, bribery, and corruption, together with other aspects of financial crime including tax evasion, modern slavery, and wildlife crime. 

Courses features

  • Delivered by qualified senior financial crime prevention subject matter experts and practitioners
  • Cover latest legal and regulatory developments, typologies, challenges, solutions, and techniques
  • Encourage learning at a deeper level through practical case studies
  • Benchmark testing to consolidate the learning
  • Can be tailored to your sector, business, and key roles, including senior management
  • Can be delivered in a bespoke manner and in-house

Professional Certificates

Below you will find the latest professional specialist courses to help you effectively manage your current financial crime risks.


A professional Certificate of Completion indicating your CPD Points earned is provided free of charge.

  • Eligibility: Course completion.

  • Processing: Allow 2-3 working days for processing.

  • Records: AMLP retains records of course completion for 5 years.

  • Questions: Should you have any queries, please contact us at

Contact AMLP with the name and date of the course completed.


For enquiries and bookings, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Corporate training – To discuss a tailored cost-effective training solutions in London or your country, please contact us.

Determining beneficial ownership and control

Understanding the latest AML rules, structures to conceal beneficial ownership                                              and control, the ML/TF risks and evolving compliance practices.

Member fee: £389 + VAT
Non-Member fee: £489 + VAT

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English 4 Hours 4 CPD points


Trusts & company service providers and foundations

Key characteristics of trusts and foundations, the ML/TF risks, the CDD/KYC questions,                                  and as a practical matter, what are clients comfortable providing.

Member fee: £389 + VAT
Non-Member fee: £489 + VAT

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English 4 Hours 4 CPD points


Establishing source of wealth / funds

Complying with the golden rules of regulation and overcoming the challenges of verifying                            the source of wealth/funds, jurisdictional variations in approach.

Member fee: £389 + VAT
Non-Member fee: £489 + VAT

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English 4 Hours 4 CPD points


Watch for our expanded programme to come

Course offerings will be rapidly extended to other areas such as:

1. Correspondent banking
2. Data for financial crime prevention
3. Modern slavery
4. Cryptoassets
5. MSB activities and associated ML/TF risks
6. Anti-Corruption

And more…

AMLP can partner with you to develop a bespoke and cost-effective training. For more information, please contact us.