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Money Laundering

UK Home Office SARs circular

UK Home Office publishes a circular (the Circular) setting out the Government’s position on the use of SARs in civil litigation...

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Basel Institute on corruption

Basel Institute publishes research on revealing the networks behind corruption and ML schemes, using the Toledo–Odebrecht case...

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Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery Statement

Home Office provides guidance to help organisation to publish a modern slavery statement and the process for drafting one...

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Wildlife & Environmental Crimes

Annual report on land and environmental defenders

Global Witness releases annual report based on research into the killings and enforced disappearances of land and environmental defenders...

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Sanctions & Trade Embargoes

OFAC settles with online money transfer company

OFAC settles with online money transfer company. Payoneer processed 2,241 payments for parties located in certain jurisdictions...

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Fines & Lessons Learned

NatWest Money Laundering charge

The FCA alleges that NatWest failed to conduct proper due diligence and monitoring of its dealings with customers to prevent money laundering..

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On the web

Disclosure of alleged ML to monitors

HSBC discovered a suspected money laundering network that received $4.2bn (£3bn) worth of payments, it has emerged,

Swiss prosecutors drop Russian ML inquiry

The OAG said it was dropping its inquiry into whether Russian officials defrauded tax authorities and laundered the

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on spyware

Revelations regarding the apparent widespread use of the Pegasus software to spy on journalists, human rights ...

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Must read

FATF starts new project

FATF launches project to study and mitigate the unintended consequences resulting from the incorrect implementation of the FATF Standards...

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