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Money Laundering

Europol First Economic & Financial Crime Threat Assessment

The report is based on a combination of operational insights and strategic intelligence contributed to Europol by EU Member States and Europol’s partners. It analyses all financial and economic crimes affecting the EU, such as money laundering, corruption, fraud...

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption

EC issues first EU Anti-Corruption Directive – to be adopted by EP in Q2 2024

Further to our discussion with EC, it is not ‘IF’ but ‘WHEN’ the EU Anti-Corruption Directive will be passed!

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Human Trafficking

Home Office issues Modern Slavery statement 2021 to 2022

The statement covers the progress ministerial government departments have made on implementing the ambitious goals set out in the modern slavery statement. Furthermore, the report emphasizes the Home Office's dedication to continuously improving its efforts in eradicating modern slavery.

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Wildlife & Environmental Crimes

EU Commission launches consultation on ESG regulation

The EC has paved the way for a potential overhaul of its sustainable financial disclosure regulation in an effort to make the rules a more effective tool to combat greenwashing. The SFDR requires financial market participants and advisers to tell investors...

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Sanctions & Trade Embargoes

FCA surveys Sanctions systems and controls: firms’ response to increased sanctions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The FCA has identified examples of both good practice and areas for improvement under 5 key themes notably; Governance and oversight, CDD and KYC procedures, Skills and Resources, Screening Capabilities, Reporting breaches to the FCA...

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Fines & Lessons Learned

US DoJ sentences former CFO of Russian natural gas company to more than seven years in prison for tax crimes

Mark Anthony Gyetvay of Naples, Florida, was sentenced today to 86 months in prison for a scheme to hide millions of dollars of income in undisclosed Swiss bank accounts and submitting a false filing with the IRS.

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On the web

Ex-FCA Chair: UK Regulator Faced ‘Political Pressure’ to Welcome Crypto Firms

The FCA allegedly came under “political pressure” to approve crypto firms that now face criminal investigations ...

Singapore money laundering case snowballs further to over S$2.4 billion in assets seized or frozen

A massive, transnational money laundering case that surfaced in Singapore has further swelled to now involve over ...

Germany pushes for universal crypto oversight

Germany emphasizes the need for global, consistent cryptocurrency regulations. European Union’s MiCA is a ...

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Must read

NCA issues SARs Reporter Booklet – Aug 2023

This booklet provides a snapshot of some of the excellent examples the NCA received highlighting the work of law enforcement agencies in utilising SAR intelligence to initiate investigations and informing existing ones...

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