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Money Laundering

FATF Digital transformation

FATF summarises the digital transformation of ML/TF activities. This project aims to increase awareness of and identify opportunities to...

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption

New Global ABC Network

The UN welcomed the launch of Globe Network to develop a quick, agile & efficient tool for combatting cross-border corruption offences...

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Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery Statement

Home Office provides guidance to help organisation to publish a modern slavery statement and the process for drafting one...

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Wildlife & Environmental Crimes

FATF on Wildlife crime

The FATF assesses the money laundering (ML) aspects of wildlife crimes and how jurisdictions should apply the FATF standards...

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Sanctions & Trade Embargoes

Global Magnitsky sanctions

OFAC issues largest single Global Magnitsky action to date targeting corruption in Bulgaria. The U.S. Govt will continue to impose tangible...

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Fines & Lessons Learned

NatWest ML charge

The FCA alleges that NatWest failed to conduct proper due diligence and monitoring of its dealings with customers to prevent money laundering..

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On the web

Organised crime crackdown

U.S. and Australian authorities hacked into an app used by criminals to read millions of encrypted messages, ...

Irish Anti-corruption bodies

More state bodies will be given power to eavesdrop on private conversations while investigating corruption and ...

EPPO launched its operations

EPPO's task is to better protect the EU's financial interests by fighting cross-border VAT fraud, money laundering...

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Must read

FATF starts new project

FATF launches project to study and mitigate the unintended consequences resulting from the incorrect implementation of the FATF Standards...

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