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Money Laundering

FCA takes further action against unregistered crypto ATMs

The FCA has used its powers to inspect several sites in East London suspected of hosting illegally operating crypto ATMs, as it continues its crackdown on the illicit sector. The FCA is working with the NECC to plan and coordinate action with law enforcement partners...

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption

SEC charges Rio Tinto plc with bribery controls failures

SEC announced charges against global mining and metals company, Rio Tinto plc, for violations of the FCPA arising out of a bribery scheme involving a consultant in Guinea. The company has agreed to pay a $15 million civil penalty to settle the SEC’s charges...

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Human Trafficking

UK Cabinet Office Guidance on tackling modern slavery

The Cabinet Office has published PPN 02/23 - Tackling Modern Slavery in Government Supply Chains – Guidance outlining actions that contracting authorities must take to ensure that modern slavery risks are identified and managed in government supply chains...

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Wildlife & Environmental Crimes

One Forest Summit to tackle the European banks financing forest destruction

The EU agreed on a landmark regulation to eliminate deforestation-risk products from its supply chains. The law lacks rules to ensure EU-based financial institutions stop investing in deforestation - which the Commission has committed to look into no later than two years...

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Sanctions & Trade Embargoes

Global Advisory on Russian Sanctions Evasion issued by the Multilateral REPO Task Force

The REPO Task Force’s collective efforts have resulted in the freezing of tens of billions of dollars and the freezing or seizure of high-value goods or property. However, some sanctioned Russian elites and their financial networks have managed to evade sanctions and...

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Fines & Lessons Learned

US DoJ fines Swedish telecoms provider, Ericsson, for breaches of 2019 DPA

Ericsson breached the DPA by violating the agreement’s cooperation and disclosure provisions. Ericsson will plead guilty to engaging in a long-running scheme to violate the FCPA by paying bribes, falsifying books and records, and failing to implement reasonable internal...

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On the web

FCA takes further action against unregistered crypto ATMs

The FCA has used its powers to inspect several sites in East London suspected of hosting illegally operating crypto

Hong Kong SFC consults on proposals to regulate virtual asset trading platforms

The Consultation Paper on the Proposed Regulatory Requirements for Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators covers ...

FINTRAC on proposed changes to the Canadian AML/CFT regime

The proposed amendments to the regulations would prescribe a formula for FINTRAC to assess the expenses it incurs ...

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Must read

NCA issues Guidance on submitting better SARs

When submitting a SAR to the NCA reporters must refer to the published guidance from their own regulatory body and their own internal guidance. the reason for suspicion a description of the property concerned (including value where possible) the prohibited act that they wish to carry out.

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