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Money Laundering

FATF, INTERPOL and UNODC issued a unified call for heightened global efforts to combat ML/TF, targeting the massive illicit profits fuelling transnational organised crime

‘Global financial integrity is vital for financial stability, inclusion, and peace and security,’ stated FATF President T. Raja Kumar. This necessitates robust and effective implementation of ML/TF standards. The FATF is dedicated to contributing and intensifying its efforts on the cross-cutting activities that facilitate all serious crimes, particularly the laundering of criminal proceeds…’

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption

TI unveils a Climate & Corruption Atlas, showcasing real-world instances and their repercussions

This report highlights findings and lessons from cases of corruption documented in our online Climate and Corruption Case Atlas, the first digital tool of its kind – analysing almost 80 cases of climate corruption around the world  The impact of corruption in climate finance goes beyond mitigation & adaptation and is the catalyst for human rights abuses, weakened democratic processes…

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Human Trafficking

EP gives its final green light to revised rules on preventing and combating human trafficking and protecting its victims

To broaden the EU’s actions against human trafficking beyond labour and sexual exploitation, the new law also criminalises forced marriage, illegal adoption and exploitation of surrogacy at the EU level. It will also enhance coordination between anti-trafficking and asylum authorities, so that victims of trafficking who are also in need of international protection receive appropriate support…

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Environmental Crimes

UNODC publishes World Wildlife Crime Report 2024, highlighting the lucrative nature of wildlife crime and measures for combatting it

The report notes that transnational organized crime groups are active in some illicit wildlife markets, where they exploit inconsistencies and weaknesses in regulation and enforcement, adapting their methods and routes continuously to evade detection and prosecution. Corruption also plays a key role in undermining regulation and enforcement actions against wildlife trade…

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Sanctions & Trade Embargoes

OFAC extends permission to transact with certain energy-related entities based in Russia

OFAC issued General License 8I pursuant to Russian Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions Regulations (“RuHSR”), 31 CFR part 587. General License 8I was issued to extend the authorization of energy-related transactions to November 1, 2024 for transactions that involve one or more of the entities: State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs Vnesheconomank…

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Fines & Lessons Learned

MAS imposes composition penalty of S$2.5m on Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd. for AML/CFT breaches

The breaches included failure to take into account certain relevant risk factors relating to the company’s customers and business activities in its EWRA, failure to perform CDD measures before establishing business relations, failure to scrutinise multiple third-party transactions in customers’ accounts even though the transactions were not consistent with SAFS’ knowledge of the customers…

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EU sanctions require consensus among all member states, complicating their implementation. However, each ...

AML Intelligence: Former bank employee suspected of recruiting 40 money mules for ‘Black Axe’ industrial fraud gang

The suspect, aged in his 20s, was working for a well known bank within the EU when police identified him. ...

Reuters: FATF visits Turkey ahead of ‘grey-list’ decision

The onsite visit, which was not publicised by Turkey's progress in curbing the money laundering and terrorist ...

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Must read

The Wolfsberg Group publishes statement on the suppression of the financing of terrorism

The statement describes the role of financial institutions in CTF and the key controls which seek to mitigate and manage the risk of a financial institution being abused for the financing of terrorism, as part of a risk based financial crime compliance programme. It outlines four priorities: a risk-based approach, customer due diligence, monitoring and screening and global cooperation…

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