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FCA financial sanctions in relation to Russia

We expect firms to have established systems and controls to counter the risk that they might be used to further financial crime and this includes compliance with financial sanctions obligations. Where the FCA identifies...
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White House intensifies sanctions against Russia

President Biden announced  that the US will levy its first tranche of economic sanctions against Moscow, responding in concert with European allies to what he described as “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine” while holding stronger measures in reserve...
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UK imposes most punishing sanctions on Russia

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has outlined in full punishing new sanctions that will devastate Russia’s economy and target Putin’s inner circle. Following its illegal invasion of Ukraine the sanctions will ban...
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OFSI imposes Monetary Penalty on Clear Junction

According to OFSI penalty report, Clear Junction, a fintech company, transferred funds to accounts held by non-designated persons with the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB), an entity subject to an asset freeze...
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European Sanctions: US sanctions Nord Stream 2 

The Biden administration has announced plans to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, the company building a controversial gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. The US, the UK, and the European Union, along with others like Japan and Australia, imposed sanctions on...
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EU sanctions package in response to Russian invasion

The Council adopted on a package of measures to respond to the decision by the Russian Federation to proceed with the recognition of the non-government controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine ...
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Special Committee on UN Charter Opens 2022 Session

The Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization opened its 2022 session with delegates debating questions related to sanctions, working methods and the peaceful settlement of disputes...
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At UN, Russia, China call out ‘unilateral’ sanctions

Russia, facing the threat of Western penalties over Ukraine, and China spoke out against what they called "unilateral" sanctions imposed by countries without the backing of the United Nations Security Council...
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Security Council 751 Sanctions Committee Adds One Entry to Its Sanctions List

The Security Council Committee pursuant to resolution 751 (1992) concerning Somalia approved the addition of the entry specified below to its Sanctions List of individuals and entities subject to the measures imposed by the Security Council and adopted...
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US imposes sanctions on narcotics traffickers

The Treasury Department designated Wilder Emilio Sanchez Farfan from Ecuador and Miguel Angel Valdez Ruiz from Mexico for allegedly trafficking cocaine into the US. The pair are also accused of contributing to the illicit activities of major Mexican cartels...
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FCDO tighter sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

FCDO announces the onset of tighter sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. This legislation provides the framework for the strongest sanctions regime the UK has had against Russia. It means the UK can...
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US sanctions organization supporting MMI

OFAC designated World Human Care, a non-governmental organization established by the Indonesia-based designated terrorist group Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) to provide financial support for MMI extremists in Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid...
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