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OFAC prohibits Financial Services with Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) and imposes additional sanctions on Burma military regime

This sanctions action against MOGE seeks to degrade the regime’s ability to purchase weapons to carry out atrocities against the people of Burma. It prohibits some financial services, including loans, accounts, insurance, investments and others…

US Treasury hardens sanctions with 130 new Russian evasion and military-industrial targets

Sanctions focus on individuals and entities abetting Russia’s unconscionable war against Ukraine by providing Russia with much-needed technology and equipment from third countries.

US Treasury designates virtual currency money launderer for Russian elites and cybercriminals

Ekaterina Zhdanova, a Russian national, was sanctioned for her role in laundering and moving funds using virtual currency on behalf of Russian elites.

FCA issues guidance for crypto firms to help them comply with marketing rules

The Guidance also details how authorised firms communicating or approving financial promotions should apply the Consumer Duty to their marketing.

FinCEN Alert to Financial Institutions to Counter Financing to Hamas

New U.S. Govt measures aim to deny Hamas the ability to raise and use funds worldwide. The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has also designated numerous individuals and entities associated with Hamas as part of these efforts…

US Treasury sanctions Hamas operatives and financial facilitators after terrorist attack on Israel

This action targets members managing assets in a secret Hamas investment portfolio, a Qatar-based financial facilitator with close ties to the Iranian regime, a key Hamas commander, and a Gaza-based virtual currency exchange and its operator.

Council of the EU extends restrictive measures against ISIL/Da’esh, Al-Qaeda and Burundi for one year

The restrictive measures extended until October 31, 2024; include asset freezes, travel bans and forbid persons and entities in the EU from making funds, financial assets or economic resources available to them…

US Treasury sanctions members of Milorad Dodik’s family and patronage network

Members of this network, which include Dodik’s adult children, facilitate Dodik’s ongoing corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) RS entity, allowing him to siphon public funds from the RS and enrich himself and his family at the expense of BiH citizens and functional governance in the country.

EU establishes a new Sudan-related sanctions regime

The Council of the European Union adopted a new sanctions framework to impose sanctions against those undermining the stability and political transition of Sudan and providing for a travel ban, the freezing of funds, and a prohibition on making funds available…

FCA surveys Sanctions systems and controls: firms’ response to increased sanctions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The FCA has identified examples of both good practice and areas for improvement under 5 key themes notably; Governance and oversight, CDD and KYC procedures, Skills and Resources, Screening Capabilities, Reporting breaches to the FCA…

European Commission announces an urgent review of its financial assistance for Palestine

The objective of this review is to ensure that no EU funding indirectly enables any terrorist organization to carry out attacks against Israel.

US Treasury sanctions multinational network supporting Iran’s UAV and military aircraft production

This network has facilitated shipments and financial transactions in support of the U.S.-designated Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company’s (HESA’s) UAV and military aircraft production, procurement, and maintenance activities.