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OCCRP: Credit Suisse and Venezuela’s Toxic Bond Market

OCCRP uncovers ties between Credit Suisse and numerous actors involved in a complex currency-swapping trade known as the permuta market. Many were implicated in highly lucrative yet illegal securities-related schemes...
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OECD on Implementing the Anti-Bribery Convention

OECD details Greece's progress in respect to implementation and enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. It also explores issues such as detection, enforcement, corporate liability and international co-operation...
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Global Witness investigation on Facebook ads containing hate speech

Global Witness investigations shows Facebook approves ads containing hate speech inciting genocide against the Rohingya. This investigation comes at a time when Facebook is facing legal action in the US and UK accusing the company of negligence that facilitated the...
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FATF follow up report on Turkey’s AML/CFT regime 

In line with the FATF Procedures for mutual evaluations, Turkey has reported back to the FATF on the action it has taken since its mutual evaluation in 2019. It compliant on 11 of the 40 Recommendations and largely compliant on 20 of them and remains partially compliant...   .
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COP26: Is corruption on the agenda?

As world leaders gather at COP26 to negotiate their climate change commitments, will they include a credible commitment to fight corruption? Corruption is strangely missing from the conversation...
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Basel Institute on corruption

Basel Institute publishes research on revealing the networks behind corruption and ML schemes, using the Toledo–Odebrecht case...
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IMF working paper on sentiment-enhanced CPI

This paper constructs a new non-survey based perceptions index for 111 countries by applying sentiment analysis to Financial Times articles over 2005–18...
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ISO 37002 – Whistleblowing management systems

ISO issues guidance on standard  37002, which relates to whistleblowing management systems - to organizations for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving a whistleblowing management system...
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FATF Digital transformation

FATF summarises the digital transformation of ML/TF activities. This project aims to increase awareness of and identify opportunities to...
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