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SEC charges Rio Tinto plc with bribery controls failures

SEC announced charges against global mining and metals company, Rio Tinto plc, for violations of the FCPA arising out of a bribery scheme involving a consultant in Guinea. The company has agreed to pay a $15 million civil penalty to settle the SEC’s charges...
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EC Handbook of good practices in the fight against corruption

To aid Member States, practitioners, researchers and civil society, the European Commission publishes a Handbook of good practices in the fight against corruption. The goal is to map a variety of anti-corruption practices in EU Member States that have proved to be useful in...
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GRECO 5th round evaluation report on Ireland

GRECO calls on Ireland to pursue its efforts to prevent corruption in respect of persons with top Government executive functions and the police. It calls for codes of conduct in respect of persons with top government functions to cover conflicts of interest, lobbying...  
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TI-UK insights from the UK’s register of overseas entities

The research details how almost 52,000 UK properties are still owned anonymously despite a new transparency law designed to reveal their true owners. a new database of the real owners of offshore firms that hold UK property, shows almost half of the companies required...
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US DoJ on False Claims Act Settlements and Judgments Exceed $2 Billion in Fiscal Year 2022

US DOJ Annual Fraud Report 2022 shows the critical role that whistleblowers play in securing these recoveries for the government: of the $2.2 billion recovered, $1.96 billion – 89% – was recovered in cases initiated by whistleblowers under the False Claims Act. This 89% whistleblower...
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SFO secures three convictions in $500 million trade finance fraud

The SFO secured convictions of two executives of British steel trading business, Balli Steel Plc., on six counts of fraud. SFO investigators exposed how two of the defendants conspired to deceive trade finance banks by providing misleading information, false shipping documents and...
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TI 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index Report

The 2022 CPI shows that most countries are failing to stop corruption. The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories around the world by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, scoring on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean)...
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TI UK reveals that UK plunged to lowest-ever position in Corruption Perceptions Index 2022

UK has recorded its lowest-ever position in a global anti-corruption index after suffering a series of scandals in public life. The UK slipped to 18th place in the annual corruption rankings compiled by TI UK, placing it behind Uruguay, Estonia and Hong Kong....
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GRECO Fourth Round 3rd Interim Compliance Report on Romania

The report assesses Romania’s Progress in Anti-Corruption measures in respect of MPs, Judges And Prosecutors. It stresses that the transparency of the parliamentary process needs further improvements, and that the use of urgent procedures should be reduced...  

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GRECO Fifth Evaluation Round Report on Bulgaria

GRECO stresses the need to strengthen the operational independence of the Police from political influence. A comprehensive mapping of corruption risks in various police structures is called for, and a dedicated anti-corruption strategy should be put in place...  
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UK calls for global community to step up fight against corruption 

llicit finance and corruption have been used deliberately to gain access and influence in the UK and countries across the globe, threatening our democratic institutions, our politics, and our polices. The new bill also includes a reform of Companies House...
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GFI publishes report on Financial Fraud in the Caribbean

This report focuses on the different frauds and scams that impact the Caribbean region, primarily advance fee frauds along with pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Other types of fraud, such as check fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, government benefit...
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