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Basel Institute publishes key takeaways from the first Asia-Pacific Anti-Corruption Collective Action Forum

The Forum provided a platform to share good practices in multi-stakeholder approaches for strengthening business integrity in the region. The primary goal was to build mutual trust between stakeholders, which is necessary for Collective Action. It aimed to establish a regional community of practice that can assist companies in enhancing their compliance frameworks and addressing specific corruption…

OCCRP reports on case being brought against fruit exporter, Del Monte, by Kenyans

Covers the disappearance and deaths of four people over the Christmas period on Del Monte land, who allegedly has been there to steal pineapples.

Mozambique’s Central Office for the Fight Against Corruption has opened two investigations into possible criminal activities concerned with the management of Mozambique Airlines

One investigation concerns “the management of the fleet, notably the purchase of aircraft, their hire, and the indebtedness of the company to acquire new equipment, maintenance operations, as well as the contracting of suppliers, the legitimacy of the invoices paid, and the sale of the company’s social assets’. The other relates to the acquisition of air tickets at LAM shops, but using POS (point of sale) machines owned by third parties…


EU Parliament publishes report on combating corruption, replacing Council Framework Decision 2003/568/JHA and the Convention on the fight against corruption involving EU officials

This legislative proposal will update the EU legislative framework, including by incorporating international standards binding on the EU, such as those in the UNCAC. The aim is to ensure that all forms of corruption are criminalised in all Member States, that legal persons may also be held responsible for such offences, and that offences incur effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties.

SFO raids three properties and makes four arrests in new £140m property fraud investigation

Arrests announced in Merseyside and Greater Manchester amid investigation of Signature Group, a business that attracted over a thousand UK and international investors in the redevelopment of iconic landmarks including Belfast’s Scottish Mutual Building and the Coal Exchange in Cardiff into luxury hotels, residential apartments and office spaces.

The George Bush Institute publishes the steps the US is taking to tackle corruption in 2024

The US has launched new anti-money laundering policies in an effort to prevent illicit and corrupt finances or dirty money and illegal activity or dealings from entering the American economy. The new measures are vital to ensure that law enforcement, the private sector, and national security agencies are given the necessary information and resources to block existing loopholes that nefarious actors exploit to access the U.S. financial system…


US Congress expands US DoJ’s authority to pursue corrupt non-US government officials

FEPA reinforces the Biden Administration’s policy emphasis on tackling corruption as part of the broader US national security strategy. It also aligns US law with international anti-corruption conventions which frequently encourage state parties to address both sides of bribery through their national legislation…

RUSI welcomes Nick Ephgrave for his first public speech as SFO Director, where he offered insights into several challenges facing the organisation

The audience included representatives from the media, the UK criminal justice sector and law enforcement partners at RUSI. He mentioned that under his leadership, the SFO will play a greater role in the national effort to tackle fraud. SFO is also looking at ways in which it can support the Government’s Fraud Strategy…

TI publishes Corruption Perceptions Index 2023 indicating that corruption is widespread worldwide

Countries ranking high on the CPI have an impunity problem of their own, even if this isn’t reflected in their scores. Many cross-border corruption cases have involved companies from top-scoring countries that resort to bribery when doing business abroad. Others have implicated professionals who sell secrecy or otherwise enable foreign…

Spotlight on Corruption publishes new report revealing that regulators are falling short in holding senior executives accountable for economic crime

The new report highlights a concerning trend: top regulatory bodies struggle to prosecute senior executives in major firms for economic crimes, effectively shielding them from accountability. Only a mere 6% of investigations under the Senior Managers regime have led to enforcement actions. Regulators, including the CMA, SFO and the FCA, have had minimal success in prosecuting board-level executives…

Jenner & Block publishes “Anti-Corruption Enforcement 2023 Year in Review”

Provides a deep dive into 2023 trends in the US, UK, and around the world, covering US Department of Justice (DOJ) and US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement actions, impactful court decisions and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations, UK anti-corruption developments, and 2023 Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), along with visual charts and summaries of key statistics for an informative and interactive experience.

US DoJ charges 70 current and former employees of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) with bribery and extortion offenses

These 70 defendants are accused of demanding kickbacks and bribes for access to no-bid contracts and lucrative, under-the-table deals. The alleged conduct identified during this investigation harms the effectiveness of housing programs that support more than 200,000 residents…