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CFTC orders Freepoint Commodities to pay $91m for fraudulent scheme to misappropriate material non-public information

The fraudulent and deceptive conduct spanned from 2012 to 2018 and involved unlawful misconduct designed to obtain material non-public information from a South American state-owned enterprise in connection with the purchase and sale of fuel oil. The order requires Freepoint to pay more than $91m in civil monetary penalties and disgorgement…

SFO launches investigation into global aviation supplier with dawn raid in London

In collaboration with other agencies, SFO has initiated a criminal investigation into suspected fraud at aircraft parts supplier AOG Technics Ltd, involving raids, arrests, and international regulatory alerts addressing the aviation industry…

SFO secures second conviction of solar panel fraudster

The SFO successfully prosecuted the convicted £17 million solar panel fraudster David Black for the second time, after investigators discovered he was using a different name in business dealings in breach of conditions enacted after his release from prison…

EC First EU Anti-Corruption Directive – to be adopted by EP in Q2 2024

Further to our discussion with EC, it is not ‘IF’ but ‘WHEN’ the EU Anti-Corruption Directive will be passed!

EU agrees rules for corporate sustainability due diligence directive

The new directive on corporate sustainability due diligence, sets obligations for companies to mitigate their negative impact on human rights and the environment such as child labour, slavery, labour exploitation, pollution, deforestation, excessive water consumption or damage to ecosystems.

GI-TOC publishes research report on South Africa’s illicit copper economy

Focuses on the consequences of copper theft and how it affects South Africa’s infrastructure. It also examines the value chain and market for stolen copper and how organised crime has become entrenched in these areas. Finally, the report explores what measures have been taken to combat copper theft and what further measures could be taken in the future.

GRECO calls on the United States to pursue its efforts to promote the integrity of persons entrusted with top executive functions, and as regards the personnel of the FBI

GRECO publishes detailed Fifth Round evaluation of corruption risks in the executive branch of the USA.

World Bank Debars Multi-Tech Consult (PTY) Ltd. and its Managing Director

The World Bank debarred a Botswana-based civil engineering company and its managing director Wednesday for fraudulent practices connected to projects in Zambia and Tanzania. Multi-Tech Consult (PTY) LTD (MTC) is ineligible to participate in projects…

GRECO publishes Addendum to the Second Compliance Report of 4th Evaluation Round on Serbia

Assesses the implementation of the outstanding recommendations since the adoption of the Second Compliance Reportand provides an overall assessment of Serbia’s level of compliance with these recommendations.

GRECO makes public its fourth Interim Compliance Report of 4th Evaluation Round on Türkiye

GRECO concludes that the level of implementation remains the same as in the previous report. Türkiye has implemented satisfactorily or dealt with in a satisfactory manner three of the twenty-two recommendations contained in the Fourth Round Evaluation Report.

TI publishes report on political finance in the Western Balkans and Turkey

Analyses political finance regimes in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Türkiye. It identifies regulatory and enforcement gaps.

OECD publishes report on dividend tax fraud

Dividend stripping is a type of fraud that is committed through a complex mechanism of trading, selling and repurchasing shares over a certain period to unlawfully avoid payment of dividend taxes, or to claim unjustified tax reimbursements.