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TI New Zealand report on corruption & ML

TI New Zealand report on corruption and ML in the pacific region. Corruption in AML institutions, e.g., in financial regulators and policy makers, may hinder the actual implementation and enforcement of AML laws...
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SEC Charges Stericycle with Bribery Schemes in Latin America

The SEC’s order finds that Stericycle, a leading provider of medical waste and other services in 16 countries worldwide, paid millions of dollars in bribes to obtain and maintain business from government customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina from at least 2012 to 2016...
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Afrobarometer on level of trust and corruption

Afrobarometer examines levels of trust and tolerance in African countries and how these impact corruption. Analysts study social bonds and social divisions precisely because they believe that societies that are more cohesive, i.e. that have stronger, more positive relationships...
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OECD report on The Regulation of Lobbying in Quebec

This report provides an analysis of the framework in place to strengthen the transparency and integrity of lobbying in Quebec, Canada and assesses the reform project proposed by the Commissioner of Lobbying in 2019, by benchmarking it against the OECD Recommendation...
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Probe of Ericsson’s 5G contract in Malaysia

A Malaysian opposition lawmaker called on the country’s anti-corruption agencies to probe a $2.6 billion government contract with the multinational telecom giant Ericsson following allegations of possible financing of terrorism in Iraq and wide-scale corruption...
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China sets up a ‘Blacklist’ targeting bribers

Chinese courts will more strictly punish bribe-givers together with those who accept bribes, and set up a "blacklist" for those who offer bribes. Giving bribes is a main source of corruption, "but some judicial departments in some areas just pay attention to those accepting..
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