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Global Witness investigates links between electric vehicles and corruption risks in African countries, where lithium, a key mineral component, is being extensively mined

Report covers three emerging lithium mines in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cyprus to strengthen sanctions controls; data leak shows potential sanctions breaches

The Cyprus government has promised a “zero-tolerance” approach to sanctions violations in response to a report released suggesting that Russian businessmen transferred millions of euros worth of assets in breach of EU sanctions allegedly managed by Cypriot accountants and corporate service providers.

OECD releases Canada’s phase 4 monitoring report

Despite implementing the Remediation Agreement (RA), a non-trial resolution mechanism, Canada’s enforcement of the foreign bribery offence remains low, with only two individuals and four companies sanctioned since the entry into force of the country’s foreign bribery legislation nearly 25 years ago

OECD publishes report on implementing the Anti-Bribery Convention in Brazil

Expresses serious concerns about Brazil’s statute of limitations for natural persons which remains inadequate to effectively sanction foreign bribery and Brazil’s incomplete whistleblower framework.

Transparency International Russia exposes how intermediaries on the dark web are selling ‘money mule’ accounts at crypto-to-fiat payment providers to Russian speakers

The scale of known activity suggests hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of these anonymous accounts are being sold every month.

OECD releases “International Tax and Africa”

The report reflects on the broader tax policy agenda including VAT, tax transparency, tax and crime, digitalisation of tax administrations, and tax and informality.

NBER Working Paper Series: Researchers formulate approach for measuring corruption in China

Paper is titled: “Secrets in asset purchases: estimating the unofficial incomes of officials”

Mexico’s oil firm resumes trading with vitol after 2020 bribery scandal

Mexico’s state-held oil giant Pemex has resumed trade with Vitol Group three years after the world’s largest oil trading firm admitted to bribing officials and two years after Mexico banned the trader from business dealings with Pemex, anonymous sources familiar…

Executive Charged in International Oil and Gas Trading Bribery and Money Laundering Scheme

A federal grand jury in the District of Connecticut returned a superseding indictment charging a Connecticut-based oil and gas trader for his role in an alleged scheme to pay bribes to Brazilian officials to win contracts with Brazil’s state-owned and state-controlled energy company…

GFI publishes report on Financial Fraud in the Caribbean

This report focuses on the different frauds and scams that impact the Caribbean region, primarily advance fee frauds along with pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Other types of fraud, such as check fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, government benefit…

US DoJ announces repatriation of over $20m in assets stolen by former Nigerian dictator 

The US DoJ has transferred over $20.6 million to the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Nigeria) in accordance with an Aug. 23 agreement between the governments to repatriate assets the US forfeited that were traceable to the kleptocracy of former Nigerian Dictator General Sani Abacha and his co-conspirators…

FinCEN/BIS joint alert on Russian & Belarusian export control

FinCEN/BIS is urging FIs to be vigilant against efforts to evade BIS export controls implemented in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. By identifying and reporting suspicious activity indicative of such behavior, FIs contribute to U.S. and international efforts…