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GRECO publishes second compliance report following on from the Fifth MER of Belgium

Notes lack of progress made by the authorities towards implementing recommendations on preventing corruption among members of parliament, judges and prosecutors, as well as central governments and law enforcement agencies.

OECD releases report on Strengthening the transparency and integrity of foreign influence activities in France – a tool for tackling foreign interference risks

Full report is available for purchase. Analyses the legislative and institutional framework in France relating to the transparency and integrity of foreign influence activities.





GRECO calls for stronger oversight and accountability in top executive functions and the police in Armenia

New report notes the positive steps taken following the 2018 Velvet Revolution to boost the fight against corruption, including through the establishment of a specialised institutional framework, but recommends steps be taken to strengthen ethics in the police and stronger accountability in government.

OECD releases Anti-Corruption and Integrity Outlook 2024, analysing Member countries’ efforts to uphold integrity and fight corruption

OECD urges countries to implement integrity measures and improve monitoring of corruption risks; they must also take steps to address data and implementation gaps, as well as update and upgrade their integrity frameworks in the face of evolving corruption risks, related to the green transition, AI and foreign interference.

OECD publishes report on Generative AI for anti-corruption and integrity in government – Taking stock of promise, perils and practice

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) presents myriad opportunities for integrity actors—anti-corruption agencies, supreme audit institutions, internal audit bodies and others—to enhance the impact of their work, particularly through the use of large language models (LLMS)…

OECD issues Resource Guide on State measures for strengthening business integrity in the private sector

This Resource Guide provides States with a framework for identifying and implementing an appropriate mix of sanctions and incentives for encouraging business integrity. It reflects the latest developments in the global anti-corruption landscape and contains case studies that serve to share information and practices and provide inspiration to States and the private sector…

OECD Phase 4 report highlights that Luxembourg should build upon recent achievements in the fight against foreign bribery by substantially strengthening enforcement efforts and resources

The report expresses concerns regarding Luxembourg’s efforts to implement the Convention and to actively investigate and prosecute foreign bribery cases and calls on Luxembourg to better identify the foreign bribery risks to which its companies are exposed…

GRECO publishes Second Addendum to the 2nd Compliance Report of 4th Evaluation Round of Italy

GRECO concludes that Italy has implemented satisfactorily or dealt with in a satisfactory manner six of the twelve recommendations contained in the Fourth Round Evaluation Report.

GRECO issues the fifth evaluation round second compliance report on Malta

The report highlights that only four out of 23 recommendations have been implemented. Malta has failed to lay down rules governing contacts between top officials and lobbyists trying to influence decision-making and has not addressed requirements for top executives to declare conflicts of interest.

GRECO calls on Czechia to improve the effectiveness of its system to promote integrity and prevent corruption in government and the police

In its evaluation report, GRECO notes that Czechia has a robust legal framework to combat corruption in respect of top executive functions, but that too little focus is placed on guidance and training, as well as on supervision and enforcement of anti-corruption rules.

Europol collaborates with Spanish authorities in arresting 53 criminal organisation members for €2 million sports betting corruption

Europol Supports Spanish Police in Arresting 53 Suspects for Sports Betting Fraud Across 20 Countries, uncovering EUR 2 Million Scheme. Operation also uncovers sophisticated livestream manipulation and ML scheme…

EU Parliament publishes report on combating corruption, replacing Council Framework Decision 2003/568/JHA and the Convention on the fight against corruption involving EU officials

This legislative proposal will update the EU legislative framework, including by incorporating international standards binding on the EU, such as those in the UNCAC. The aim is to ensure that all forms of corruption are criminalised in all Member States, that legal persons may also be held responsible for such offences, and that offences incur effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties.