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GRECO Fourth Round Second Interim Compliance Report on Denmark

GRECO has published its Compliance Report on Denmark (dealing with corruption prevention in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors), as adopted by GRECO at its 88th Plenary Meeting (Strasbourg, 20-22 September 2021)...
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GRECO Fifth Round Compliance Report on Sweden

GRECO recommended developing and implementing a strategy, based on a risk analysis, to promote integrity and improve the prevention and management of conflicts of interest and corruption among persons entrusted with top executive functions...
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Three Swiss subsidiaries of the oil-related group SBM Offshore convicted of corruption offences

These three companies failed to take all the reasonable organisational measures required to prevent the bribery, of foreign public officials in Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. They were ordered to pay an amount of over CHF 7 million, including a fine of CHF 4.2 million.
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MEPs new country-by-country tax reporting rules

MEPs give their final green light to new rules obliging big multinationals to publicly declare the taxes they pay in each EU country, in order to undermine tax avoidance.
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FATF Digital transformation

FATF summarises the digital transformation of ML/TF activities. This project aims to increase awareness of and identify opportunities to...
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