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US DoS designates Kosovan public official, Nexhat Krasniqi, for significant corruption

As a public official responsible for oversight of procurement contracts, Krasniqi abused his public position by accepting bribes in exchange for awarding a contract permitting the construction of an industrial park in the Drenas municipality by the operating company Eltoni.

US DoJ announces charges against three individuals for bribery

The charges stemmed from Susan Keim’s acceptance of bribes from Wilson in exchange for awarding purchase orders to Wilson’s company for selling parts and materials to a U.S. Army Garrison. The sentences reflect legal repercussions for corrupt activities within public…

OECD releases Canada’s phase 4 monitoring report

Despite implementing the Remediation Agreement (RA), a non-trial resolution mechanism, Canada’s enforcement of the foreign bribery offence remains low, with only two individuals and four companies sanctioned since the entry into force of the country’s foreign bribery legislation nearly 25 years ago

OECD publishes report on implementing the Anti-Bribery Convention in Brazil

Expresses serious concerns about Brazil’s statute of limitations for natural persons which remains inadequate to effectively sanction foreign bribery and Brazil’s incomplete whistleblower framework.

The impact of the UK ECCTA 2023 on bribery cases

The SFO has now the authority to require the submission of information or the production of documents to aid in its investigations, this in conjunction with the introduction of the new “failure to prevent fraud” offence and the corporate criminal liability has significantly…

Transparency International Russia exposes how intermediaries on the dark web are selling ‘money mule’ accounts at crypto-to-fiat payment providers to Russian speakers

The scale of known activity suggests hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of these anonymous accounts are being sold every month.

Transparency International assesses the strength of parliamentary oversight in several jurisdictions

This report provides a summary of key findings from our recent assessment of the strength of oversight mandate, practice and impact of parliaments in Armenia, Cambodia, Colombia, The Gambia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Kenya, Panama, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

UK Review of Disclosure and Fraud Offences

The Home Office announced that it will conduct an independent review of the criminal disclosure regime and the challenges that arise in fraud investigations (the Review). The Review comes on the heels of the UK government’s broader fraud strategy…

SFO launches criminal investigation into funeral plan provider Safe Hands Plans

Serious Fraud Office opens a criminal investigation into a suspected fraud at Safe Hands Plans Limited and its parent company SHP Capital Holdings Limited after their funeral plan scheme collapsed last year.

United States seeks to forfeit more than $72 million involved in bribery and money scheme

The US filed a civil forfeiture complaint seeking to forfeit more than $72 million involved in a bribery and money laundering scheme centered around Ecuador’s public police pension fund (ISSPOL). As alleged in the complaint, from 2014 through 2020, more than $2.6 million…

GRECO publishes second compliance report on North Macedonia

Follows the fifth evaluation round dealing with preventing corruption and promoting integrity in the central government (top executive functions) and law enforcement agencies. 

World Bank debars HTC Construction and Advanced Technology Joint Stock Company for misleading bids and obstructing investigators

The World Bank debarred HTC for a period of 41 months, in connection with fraudulent and obstructive practices linked to multiple World Bank-financed projects in Vietnam. HTC misrepresented its financial statements and inflated the values of its past contracts to mislead…