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GI-TOC issues Research Report on: ‘The Evolution of targeted sanctions usage against organised crime’

The rising prevalence and profitability of organized crime have had a substantial impact in many of the states in which networks operate. In part, this is through the corruption and/or coercion of state officials to allow criminal activity or purchasing impunity…

Civil Society Organisations warn more than 200 investors about the risk to the climate, people, and investors associated with world’s largest meat company, JBS S.A.

JBS S.A. has announced a plan to restart its decade-long attempt to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange via a dual listing under a new Dutch parent company “JBS N.V.”. This movewould give the company access to more money to expand while handing over almost complete control to the notoriously corrupt Batista family.

Mexico’s oil firm resumes trading with vitol after 2020 bribery scandal

Mexico’s state-held oil giant Pemex has resumed trade with Vitol Group three years after the world’s largest oil trading firm admitted to bribing officials and two years after Mexico banned the trader from business dealings with Pemex, anonymous sources familiar…

Global Witness releases report on environmental defenders

Reports that at least 177 environmental defenders lost their lives during 2022, bringing the total number of killings to 1,910 since 2012. Latin America is identified as a region of particular concern.

SFO charges four individuals behind Patisserie Valerie collapse

The SFO opened a full investigation into the conduct, codenamed “Operation Venom”, in October 2018. This came two days after the company abruptly suspended trading, closing 70 stores and causing the loss of over 900 jobs across the country when its debts were revealed.

GRECO releases fifth round evaluation report on Romania

Romania has developed an institutional and legal integrity framework to promote integrity and prevent corruption in the top executive functions of the central government and in the law enforcement agencies.  Nonetheless, the Government’s frequent use of emergency ordinances to legislate in exceptional cases is an issue of serious concern that the authorities should address as a matter of priority.

Transparency International publishes report on tackling grand corruption impunity

This working paper identifies special national and international measures that would increase accountability of grand corruption offenders and improve remedies for the harm they cause.

US DoS releases implementation plan for for the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption

This Implementation Plan articulates activities the Department is
undertaking to achieve the five pillars of the Strategy:

1. Modernizing, Coordinating, and Resourcing Efforts to Fight Corruption
2. Curbing Illicit Finance
3. Holding Corrupt Actors Accountable
4. Preserving and Strengthening the Multilateral Anti-Corruption
5. Improving Diplomatic Engagement and Leveraging Foreign Assistance
Resources to Advance Policy Goals

Transparency International blogs about personal data protection laws in the EU

Last year’s decision by the EU Court of Justice isn’t the last word on beneficial ownership transparency, personal data protection and privacy

GRECO publishes second 5th round compliance report for the UK

The report focuses on prevention of corruption amongst Top Executive Functions of Govt and Law Enforcement Agencies in the UK. It  concludes that the UK has now implemented satisfactorily or dealt satisfactorily with 7 of the 12 recommendations; 4 remain partly…

SFO Chief Capability Officer delivers keynote speech at 2023 Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime

The speech highlighted the SFO’s achievements and key activities over the last five years under the directorship of Lisa Osofsky. These included 29 convictions, eight deferred prosecution agreements – worth over £1 billion to the UK taxpayer…

OCCRP receives documents that provide insight into allegations stock manipulation involving the Adani Group

Two men who secretly invested in the massive conglomerate turn out to have close ties to its majority owners, the Adani family, raising questions about violations of Indian law…