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TI publishes report on how professionals and businesses operating in the non-financial sector are facilitating illicit financial flows out of Africa

Covers 78 cases across 33 African countries which implicate politically exposed persons in siphoning off proceeds of corruption abroad or parking their wealth offshore.

TI UK shares what’s next in the UK’s fight against dirty money?

The ECCTA mandates Companies House to actively vet and improve the quality of information in the UK corporate register, making it more challenging for criminals to conceal ownership. The Act requires identity verification for individuals with significant control, raising the cost…

US Treasury sanctions former Guatemalan government official for engaging in public corruption

Luis Miguel Martinez Morales (Martinez) has been sanctioned for his role in corruption in Guatemala wherein he engaged in widespread bribery schemes, including schemes related to government contracts.

US DoJ settles with 2 British Reinsurance brokers over Ecuador bribes

Tysers Insurance Brokers Limited and H.W. Wood Limited, two U.K.-based reinsurance brokers, have agreed to resolve investigations by the Justice Department into violations of the FCPA arising from Tysers’ and H.W. Wood’s participation in a corrupt scheme to pay bribes…

Basel Institute of Governance publishes case studies on corruption in waste management and trade

The report explores five case studies (Albania, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Canada–Philippines, US–South America) and proposes a typology of corruption patterns in crimes involving waste management and trade.

UNODC publishes report on gold trafficking in the Sahel

Provides an overview of the key factors driving illicit gold trade as well as typologies.

TI publishes report on land corruption for climate justice

Drawing on numerous examples and case studies, this report illustrates the link between land corruption and climate so that governments, donors, private actors and civil society in climate and anti-corruption fields can better understand how they interact.

TI publishes report on corruption in Asia-Pacific, using a ‘gendered lens’

This paper presents findings from a series of focus group discussions (FGDs) with participants from four Asian and Pacific countries: Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

TI publishes report examining the protection of whistleblowers in the EU

The report assesses the effectiveness of whistleblower protection measures in EU countries evaluating the legal frameworks and practices in place. It highlights that 19 of the 20 countries reviewed do not comply with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive…

SFO launches investigation into suspected fraud at Axiom Ince with nine raids and seven arrests

Axiom Ince stopped trading last month when approximately £66 million in client money was found to be missing from its accounts and spent. Investigators will also examine how funds passed from the firm’s client accounts with Barclays to the State Bank of India to fund these purchases.

SFO secures conviction of solicitor for tipping off client about money laundering investigation

SFO secured the conviction of William Osmond, a solicitor, who disclosed confidential details about an investigation and forged a legal document in an attempt to mislead investigators. Solicitors are legally obliged not to share details of money laundering investigations…

UK’s New counter fraud authority saves taxpayers £311 million in its first year, beating target by more than £100 million

The savings come from counter fraud schemes designed to prevent and identify fraud across the public sector. The efforts of the counter-fraud team contribute to safeguarding public funds and ensuring fiscal responsibility. The results highlight the positive impact of strategic…