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EU Sanctions

This section covers the EU Sanctions List.

The EU maintains a Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions. It also maintains a list and map of countries subject to EU, UN or both EU and UN sanctions.

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Latest editions


EU agrees to extend the scope of sanctions on Belarus to fight circumvention

The new measures create a closer alignment of EU sanctions targeting Russia and Belarus and will help to ensure that Russian sanctions cannot be circumvented through Belarus.

German strategy on China sanctions and export controls

Germany released its first China strategy which calls Beijing a “systemic rival” and stresses the need for Europe’s largest economy to reduce economic dependence on its largest trading partner…


EU Civil Liberties Committee adopts a draft negotiating mandate on violating and circumventing EU sanctions

The law would ensure that EU sanctions are enforced uniformly across member states, with common definitions and dissuasive penalties.

EU sanctions: new law to crack down on violations

According to the proposal, violating and circumventing the sanctions should be punishable criminal offences carrying prison sentences of a maximum of five years and fines of up to ten million euro. When companies violate or circumvent sanctions, they should be excluded from public tenders.

US and UK issues joint fact sheet on Russia-related sanctions to support humanitarian aid and food security

The Factsheet will provide additional clarity on Russia-related sanctions and the relevant authorizations, exceptions and public guidance issued by the US and UK. The fact sheet is intended to serve as a guide for humanitarian actors, non-governmental organizations…

EU discusses eleventh package of EU sanctions against Russia

The measures in the package include a ban of ‘shadow’ entities from Russia and third countries that are intentionally circumventing EU sanctions, further restrictions on the import, transport and supply of Russian oil, prohibition to access EU ports and locks…

Atlantic Council publishes Global Sanctions Dashboard

This edition answers the most controversial question about the blocked Russian state assets: to seize them or not to seize them?  and proposes a solution that would transfer funds directly and quickly to Ukraine without triggering a host of legal obstacles in the US…


EP briefing on ‘EU sanctions on Russia: Overview, impact, challenges

The European Parliament has unequivocally condemned Russia’s unjustified aggression against Ukraine, and has since demanded broader and better-enforced sanctions, including a secondary sanctions mechanism, as well as the confiscation of Russian assets frozen by the EU…

EU agrees 10th package of sanctions against Russia

The package contains new listings plus trade and financial sanctions, including further export bans worth more than €11 billion, depriving the Russian economy of critical tech and industrial goods. It also steps up enforcement and anti-circumvention measures, including a new…

Dutch Supreme Court judgment on intent in criminal sanctions violations

The Dutch Supreme Court confirmed that the applicable standard of proof for “intentional” violations of EU sanctions under Dutch law is generally low. The judgment confirmed that, although the intent of the accused with regard to the constituent elements of the…

EU Parliament calls for more sanctions against Iranian regime

EU Parliament urged the EU to expand its sanctions list against Iranian regime to cover all individuals and entities responsible for human rights violations and their family members. The Iranian regime’s blatant disregard for human dignity and the democratic

EU updates sanctions toolbox to include corruption

The EU has updated the sanctions toolbox to include corruption and will set a sanctions framework targeting corruption in the Q2 of 2023. The EU’s Russia sanctions will remain in force for as long as the aggression against Ukraine and unlawful occupation/annexation…