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MENAFATF AML/CFT reports on Bahrain, Morocco & Jordan

This study examined the variations in compliance with FATF standards among three member countries of MENAFATF: Bahrain, Morocco and Jordan. While Bahrain has almost completely fulfilled these standards, Morocco and Jordan have only partially fulfilled them...
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UNODC World Drug Report 2022

The Report 2022 provides an in-depth analysis of global drug markets and examines the nexus between drugs and the environment within the bigger picture of the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change and environmental sustainability...  
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FCA laments on ‘red flags’ missed by crypto firms

FCA said many crypto firms that have applied to register under MLR miss financial crime “red flags” and have inadequate controls. Crypto is “high-risk and unregulated, which means (people) are unlikely to have protection if things go wrong, so if they choose to invest in crypto...
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HMT publishes post implementation review of the OPBAS regulations

HM Treasury have developed 4 different policy options for supervisory reform. 1. The first of these is the OPBAS+ model which involves formally expanding the remit of OPBAS to focus on effectiveness of PBSs, rather than just technical compliance; and expanding OPBAS’s...
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HMT post implementation review of ML regulations

Specific deficiencies remain in the application of risk mitigating measures by the private sector, with supervisors noting inadequate customer due diligence or policies, controls and procedures as a common failing identified through their supervision...
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SRA publishes latest suite of annual reports 

The SRA has published separate but connected reports on Authorisation, Client Protection, Education and Training and its enforcement work (published under the title: Upholding Professional Standards) for the financial year from 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2021...
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GRECO 3rd Interim Compliance Report on Turkey

GRECO recommended that the transparency of the legislative process be enhanced by (i) further developing the rules on public consultations in respect of civil society groups and citizens; and (ii) ensuring that draft legislation is presented in a reasonable format...
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FinCEN on BSA due diligence for ATM owners

FinCEN issued a statement to provide clarity to banks on how to apply a RBA to conducting CDD on independent ATM owners or operators. Some independent ATM owners and operators have reported difficulty in obtaining and maintaining access to banking services...
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FATF on G7 countries’ fight against ML/TF

FATF President Marcus Pleyer asks the G7 countries to lead by example and effectively tackle the anonymity of corporate beneficiaries & regulate shell companies. FATF evaluations show that only 9% of countries have effectively implemented laws dealing with shell companies...
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Wolfsberg Group Effectiveness through collaboration

The Wolfsberg Group calls for empowered Public-Private Partnerships and better information-sharing frameworks with respect to AML/CTF Both government and industry increasingly recognise the urgent need for national authorities to establish national priorities so that FIs can...
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FATF Mutual Evaluation report of the UK

The UK remains compliant given the mechanisms in place to ensure the compatibility of AML/CFT requirements with rules on data protection and confidentiality and to promote the exchange of information among competent authorities....
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GRECO Fourth Compliance Report on San Marino

The Report recognised the good level of transparency of legislative work in San Marino, but expressed reservation about the possibility provided by law to resort to secret voting in some circumstances (i.e. personal appointments and laws of high ethical content)...
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