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GFI on trade-related illicit financial flows

GFI documented the international problem of “trade misinvoicing”—when importers and exporters deliberately falsify the declared value of goods on the invoices they submit to their customs authorities to illicitly transfer money across international borders, evade tax and/or customs duties, launder the proceeds of criminal activity...
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EC launches Digital Finance strategy

EU Commission presented a new strategy to improve and modernise financial supervisory reporting in the EU. The objective is to put in place a system that delivers accurate, consistent, and timely data to supervisory authorities at EU and national level, while minimising the overall reporting burden on financial institutions...
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EC to end the misuse of shell entities for tax purposes

The proposal should ensure that entities in the EU that have no or minimal economic activity are unable to benefit from any tax advantages and do not place any financial burden on taxpayers.  This will also protect the level playing field for the vast majority of European...
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IMF-World Bank AML/CTF draft framework for risk assessment

IMF-World Bank proposes a draft framework for ML/TF risk assessment in remittance corridors having the potential of being identified as safe remittance corridors. It provides a contribution to the FSB'S Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-Border Payments...
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FBI releases 2020 incident-based (NIBRS) data

The FBI released detailed data on nearly 8.9 million criminal offenses reported via the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) in 2020. It also presents arrest data for those crimes, as well as 10 additional categories for which only arrest data is collected....
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US DoJ sentences former DEA special agent for ML

A former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent was sentenced in prison for operating a money laundering and fraud scheme. This included conspiracy to commit money laundering, honest services wire fraud, bank fraud, and aggravated identity theft...
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Chatham House report on UK’s problem with kleptocracy

The Paper details the laundering of monies and reputations by elites from Eurasia’s kleptocratic states, and the material and reputational damage rendered to the UK’s sovereignty and democracy. It includes removing legal loopholes, establishing transparency in public...
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Home Office Drug Recovery Champion annual report

The report outlines the work Dr Day has undertaken since his appointment and sets out his future work programme. He will inform the Government’s policy and practice in the context of our ambition to protect vulnerable people who are dependent on drugs and reduce drug misuse...
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MONEYVAL 2nd follow-up report on Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is encouraged to continue its efforts to address the remaining compliance deficiencies. It will remain in enhanced follow-up and will continue to report back to MONEYVAL on progress to strengthen its implementation of AML/CFT measures. It is expected to report back in one year’s time...
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MONEYVAL improvement in Lithuania’s AML/CFT measures

Lithuania has improved measures to combat ML/TF demonstrating significant progress in the level of compliance with FATF. MONEYVAL has re-rated Lithuania from “partially compliant” to “largely compliant" level of compliance with the FATF recommendation on regulation...
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MONEYVAL notes Andorra improvement in fighting ML/TF 

Andorra has improved measures to combat ML/TF, demonstrating progress in its level of compliance with the FATF in particular those concerning the non-profit organisations sector as per the follow-up report by MONEYVAL...
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FATF high-level conference on environmental crime

FATF calls for a global push to take the illicit profits out of environmental crimes involving the public, private, not-for-profit sectors and academia. Environmental crimes generate criminal gains each year and include illegal logging...
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