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MONEYVAL conducts Mutual Evaluation of France

France plays an active role in proposing designations to the EU and UN sanction lists. It has an adequate new legislative package to implement targeted financial sanctions (TFS) for TF and proliferation financing (PF) without delay...
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Council of Europe Study on NGO Law

Council of Europe published a Study on Non-Governmental Organisations and the Implementation of Measures Against ML/TF. The Study first clarifies the NGOs with which the requirements are supposed to be addressed before considering the process of evaluation...
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US Treasury joint statement to counter ISIS Finance

The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS continues to adapt counter-ISIS finance efforts to the ongoing terrorist threat. We are focused on disrupting international ISIS funds transfers and dismantling ISIS finance networks...
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HMRC on cancellation of AML supervision

HMRC publishes list of businesses whose registration for Anti-money laundering supervision has been suspended or cancelled 2021 to 2022. The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations...
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J5 Global tax crime chiefs hold summit

The heads of tax enforcement from the UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and US came together for the latest Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5) summit to share intelligence and coordinate efforts against international tax crime and ML...
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US Treasury 2022 National Illicit Finance Strategy

The 2022 Strategy describes current U.S. government efforts to combat domestic and international illicit finance threats from terrorist financing, proliferation financing, and money laundering, and discusses potential risks, priorities and objectives...
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Wolfsberg Principles FAQs for ‘Negative News Screening & other adverse media’

The Wolfsberg Group published its FAQs on how undertaking screening for Negative News and other forms of adverse information can enhance a FIs awareness of potential Financial-Crime risk posed by both existing and prospective customers....  
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ComplyAdvantage publishes AML guide for cryptos

The biggest challenge that crypto firms operating across multiple jurisdictions continue to face is the lack of standardized regulation across countries and differing approaches to how to treat cryptoassets. Governments have adopted divergent approaches...
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FATF on Mexico’s progress to tackle ML/TF

FATF releases evaluation outlining Mexico's progress in strengthening measures to tackle ML/TF 2022. Mexico is compliant on 10 of the 40 Recommendations and largely compliant on 22 of them. It remains partially compliant on 7 Recommendations...
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Pandora Papers on ‘gatekeepers’ of dirty money

MONEYVAL, the Council of Europe’s financial crime research arm, offers a scathing rebuke to governments across Europe for failing to tackle illicit money flows. The report said only three countries had effective policing mechanisms...
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HMRC Guidance on supervised business register

Only businesses registered for supervision by HMRC will appear. The name a business is registered under may be different from the name you’re familiar with if, e.g., they’re included under the registration of another business...
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APG 5th Follow-up report on Mutual Evaluation of Fiji

APG completed its assessment of Fiji's AML/CTF system. The assessment is a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of Fiji's AML/CFT system and its level of compliance with the FATF Recommendations...
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