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European Commission consults on the digital Euro

For a digital euro to be used as the single currency, concurrently with euro banknotes and coins, it would require a Regulation of the co-legislator, upon a proposal by the Commission, on the basis of Article 133 TFUE...
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Crypto assets: new rules to stop illicit flows in the EU

Crypto-assets’ transfers would need to be traced and identified to prevent their use in money laundering, terrorist financing, and other crimes. All transfers of crypto-assets will have to include information on the source of the asset and its beneficiary...

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US DoJ convicts banker for FCPA violations & ML

US DoJ convicts former Goldman Sachs investment banker for FCPA violations and money laundering in connections with 1MDB.  He participated in a massive bribery and ML scheme involving the corruption...
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HMT response to consultation of crypto assets and Stablecoin 

HMT published response to its earlier consultation and call for evidence on the UK regulatory approach to cryptoassets, stablecoins and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the financial markets...
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NCA releases March edition of SARs in Action

The scale of money laundering impacting the UK is in excess of £100bn a year. This is through abuse of UK financial institutions, UK company structures, markets and property. A significant portion is linked to corrupt elites...
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Wolfsberg Guidance on digital customer lifecycle risk management 

The Guidance on Digital Customer Lifecycle Risk Management explores how non-face to-face digital engagement could be considered a standard, or even lower risk channel for an FI by further developing three core AML/CTF controls...
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GRECO 2nd Interim Compliance Report of 4th Evaluation Round on Serbia

GRECO recommended that the transparency of the legislative process be further improved (i) by ensuring that draft legislation, amendments to such drafts and the agendas and outcome of committee sittings are disclosed in a timely manner...
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GRECO Addendum to the 2nd Compliance Report of 4th Evaluation Round on France 

GRECO recommended that the conditions relating to the use of parliamentary assistants and collaborators, the operational expenses allowance and the parliamentary reserve facility be thoroughly reformed to ensure the transparency, accountability and supervision...
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GRECO 5th Evaluation Round Compliance Report on Spain

GRECO addressed 19 recommendations to Spain in its Evaluation Report and recommended reinforcing the current regime applicable to advisors, subjecting them to equivalent transparency and integrity requirements as those applied to persons with top executive...
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Japan to Tighten Crypto Rules for Preventing Sanctions Evasion

Japan is planning to make stricter rulings on cryptocurrency exchanges, as the country announced plans to amend its Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, intended to crack down on any loophole that allows sanctioned countries like Russia to evade sanctions through cryptos...
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NED Global Insights on reputation laundering

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has forced democracies to reexamine how their own institutions have been used by kleptocratic regimes and oligarchs seeking to launder and protect their illicit gains. While much of the focus on combating transnational kleptocracy...
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Egmont Group issues statement on the situation in Ukraine

Egmont Group aligns its position with the FATF’s Public Statement on the Situation in Ukraine and urges FIUs to remain vigilant and continue information exchanges to assess and mitigate any emerging ML/TF/PF risks, fostering relations based on mutual trust...
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