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US Treasury on corruption networks linked to transnational organized crime 

Transnational organized crime and corruption often go hand in hand with massively destabilizing effects on rule of law and democratic governance. The Treasury will continue to aggressively dismantle links between transnational criminal organizations and corrupt activity...  
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HMT Financial Inclusion Report 2020-2021 

The Financial Inclusion report outlines the government’s progress to tackle financial exclusion over the last year and to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background or income, have access to useful and affordable financial products and services...
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GRECO publish interim compliance report on Andorra

This Report evaluates the implementation of the recommendations outstanding since the adoption of the Compliance Report and provides an overall appraisal of the level of Andorra’s compliance with these recommendations...
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FinCEN fact sheet on beneficial ownership Information Reporting

FinCEN issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to give the public an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed rule to implement the CTA’s beneficial ownership information (BOI) reporting provisions. The proposed rule would significantly enhance the ability to protect...
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Gambling Commission releases strategy for the next three years

The strategy reflects changes in the way people are gambling, with a particular shift to online gambling. The Commission said changes in consumer behaviour and emerging technology created new risks and opportunities for regulation to keep pace with...
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FSB misconduct risk report

FSB published its progress report on its work plan of Measures to reduce misconduct risk that it agreed in May 2015. The use of fines and sanctions acts as a deterrent to misconduct, but preventative approaches...
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House of Commons Library publishes research on economic crime

Economic crime costs the UK billions of pounds per year. This briefing discusses the UK Government's efforts to tackle it, including its 2019-2022 Economic Crime Plan...
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EC new EU AML/CFT authority and cryptoasset proposals

EC proposal for regulations establishing a new EU AML/CFT authority and traceability of cryptoasset proposals transfers. The aim to introduce an obligation for crypto-asset service providers to collect and make accessible full information about the sender...
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Basel GI-ACE research on informal networks and corruption

The six case studies form part of a research project entitled Harnessing informality: Designing anti-corruption network interventions and strategic use of legal instruments” funded by UK Aid as part of the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme (GI-ACE)...
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NCA issues latest edition of SARs In Action Issue 13

In this issue the NCA takes a look at the illegal trade in wildlife, focusing on a specific piece of analysis of SARs data conducted by the UKFIU on this crime.  Following the increased volume of SARs reporting from the cryptocurrency sector, we hear from the UKFIU’s...
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NCA charges against individuals that used removal firm as a front for drug smuggling 

The trio had a series of clandestine meetings with a Merseyside-based organised crime group who wanted to import class A drugs utilising Rolls Royce-driving Wright’s legitimate removals company. This investigation also shows the benefit of international co-operation when it comes to stopping drug supply
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FINMA final ML proceedings connected with Venezuela

FINMA has concluded two further proceedings focusing on Venezuelan business relationships. It found that Banca Zarattini & Co. SA along with CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA breached their obligations to combat ML...
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