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Companies agree to forfeit £29m linked to ML

A Cyprus-based company and a South African law firm have agreed to give up nearly £29 million that was allegedly linked to ML in the UK’s biggest ever forfeiture case. Prosecutors working with the City of London Police said they had reached an agreement...
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FATF on proposed revisions to Recommendation 24

The amendments seek to reinforce Recommendation 24 to ensure greater transparency about the beneficial ownership of legal persons, and take action to mitigate the risks. FATF has analysed the views received from various stakeholders in considering...
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European Parliament on the Pandora Papers

Parliament called for thorough investigations to be launched into any wrongdoing exposed by the Pandora Papers that took place in EU jurisdictions.  It urged Member states to do more on the identification and sharing of information on beneficial owners...
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FATF issues a call to action to high risk jurisdictions

FATF calls on all members and urges all jurisdictions to apply enhanced due diligence, and, in the most serious cases, countries are called upon to apply counter-measures to protect the international financial system from the( ML/TF/PF) risks emanating from the country...
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FATF on the financing of ISIL, Al Qaeda & affiliates 

Proceeds generated from criminal activities remain an important financing source for ISIL. In response to its decreased revenue, ISIL has focused on looting local civilians and businesses, and has generated funds through kidnapping for ransom, extortion of oil networks...
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The race to redefine cross-border finance

It is seeking to link instant-payment networks across countries, in order to make transfers seamless. Whoever wins the race to redefine cross-border payments will determine the future shape of the financial system—and who holds sway over...
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AFME paper on AML Transaction Monitoring in the Markets Sector

A small number of firms have demonstrated that it is possible to monitor effectively through the use of a hybrid approach blend. Firms using a hybrid approach are deploying more markets-specific AML TM coupled with intelligence led investigations...
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FinCEN on customer identity verification requirements

FinCEN grants limited exceptive relief to casinos from certain customer identity verification requirements in the context of online gaming. A casino may utilize suitable non-documentary methods to verify the identity of online customers...
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FinCEN’s 314(a) Fact Sheet

FinCEN’s regulations under Section 314(a) enable federal, state, local, and foreign (EU) law enforcement agencies to reach out to more than 34,000 points of contact at more than 14,000 FIs to locate accounts and transactions of persons that may be involved in terrorism or ML...
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ESA sectoral reports on supervisory independence

The EBA, EIOPA and ESMA published their individual reports on the supervisory independence of competent authorities (CAs) in their sectors. The reports highlight that the independence of CAs is multi-faceted and dependent on a number of legal, institutional, operational and...
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FinCEN report on ransomware trends in Bank Secrecy Act data

FinCEN identified several ML typologies common among ransomware variants in 2021 including threat actors increasingly requesting payments in Anonymity-enhanced Cryptocurrencies (AECs) and avoiding reusing wallet addresses, “chain hopping” and cashing out...
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OECD responds to the ‘Pandora Papers’ leaks 

The ICIJ released information relating to its review of data leaks referred to as the Pandora Papers. As a result of the strong partnerships established through its JITSIC Network, the OECD Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) is well positioned to enable a collaborative approach...  
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