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US and UK Govt on tackling global financial crime

US & UK Govt collaborate to develop prize challenges to generate technology innovation to help tackle the global challenge of financial crime. Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) could play a transformative role in addressing these financial crimes...
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FATF Conference on digital transformation 2022

FATF Ministers have identified Digital Transformation as a strategic priority of the FATF. Digital transformation relies on building a culture that embraces the use of technology, encourages responsible innovation, and ensures the protection of individual data rights...
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Europol better equipped to fight crime and terrorism

EU Parliament grants more power to Europol to fight crime and terrorism to improve information sharing via increased cooperation with private parties, better processing of large and complex datasets and strengthening the agency's role ...
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NCA report on youth pathways into cybercrime

The report highlights that online gaming provides a common initial exposure and pathway into UK based. High IQ, an interest in technology, real-world social isolation, and a higher appetite to engage in risky behaviour online are likely identifiers...
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HMT on SM&CR for Financial Market Infrastructures

The main objectives in the proposals outlined in the consultation were to strengthen the individual accountability of senior managers within FMIs and provide an effective and proportionate means for promoting high standards of conduct amongst all staff...
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FinCEN rulemaking for no-action letter process 

The Report noted several potential benefits of a no-action letter process, including encouraging a robust and productive dialogue with the public, promoting a culture of compliance, and enhancing transparency in the application and enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act...
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ESA Joint Report on AML/CFT rules

The joint Report highlights the importance of the appropriate integration of AML/CFT issues into prudential regulation and supervision, including in the proposal for the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), currently under negotiation...
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EP Committee on Constitutional Affairs to establish AML

The powers of the Authority should allow it to improve AML/CFT supervision in the Union in various ways. With respect to selected obliged entities, the Authority should ensure group-wide compliance with the requirements laid down in the AML/CFT framework...
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FATF appoints Violaine Clerc as the Executive Secretary

FATF appoints Violaine Clerc as the Executive Secretary who takes the lead of the Secretariat at an important time, as the FATF works to regulate virtual assets and virtual asset service providers, enhance...
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UK Govt on The Economic Crime Act 2022

The aim of the Act is to increase the transparency of ownership of UK property by overseas entities, by identifying the beneficial owners of those entities. ‘Overseas entities’ owning ‘qualifying property’ are required to register and...
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GRECO 2nd Compliance Report on Greece

GRECO recommends that as part of a proclaimed integrity policy, efficient internal mechanisms be developed to promote, raise awareness of, and thereby safeguard, integrity in Parliament in a collective effort (e.g. training, discussions on ethics and integrity, awareness of bribery...
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SRA risk outlook report on information security & cybercrime

This report covers what can be done by firms to seize some of those opportunities. It highlights notable innovations in the legal market, as well as the appetite and opportunity for investment into law sector innovations in the next few years...
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