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EBA publishes third report on the functioning of AML and CFT colleges

The Report finds that competent authorities had taken important steps to improve the functioning of AML/CFT colleges. Nevertheless, many colleges had not reached full maturity. The Report highlights good practices that will be useful for competent authorities to further improve the effectiveness of AML/CFT colleges and of supervisory outcomes.

OECD issues policy guidance on mitigating the risks of illicit financial flows in oil commodity trading

Proposes a set of relevant, feasible actions for providers of official development assistance (ODA) to respond to IFFs in oil commodity trading. The aim is to enhance the mobilisation of domestic resources for the benefit of populations living in oil-producing developing countries, and enable integrity in their energy transition, particularly in carbon trade.

GIABA publishes fourth enhanced follow-up report on Burkina Faso

The country has been upgraded on 3 recommendations, but remains non-compliant or partially compliant on 12 and enhanced follow up regime will continue.

GIABA publishes report on Mutual Evaluation of Liberia

Liberia has a good understanding of its ML risks and a fairly good understanding of its TF risks. Cooperation and coordination at the policy level is among the country’s strengths. LEAs are poorly resourced and lack training and have difficulty in identifying ML resulting from predicate offences.

GIABA publishes follow-up report on Benin

Benin has made significant progress in addressing the technical compliance deficiencies identified in its MER and is re-rated on Recommendations 6 and 7 from Partially Compliant to Largely Compliant.

FinCEN officials travel to Mexico for meetings with Mexican counterparts on illicit finance trends associated with fentanyl and other threats

Government agencies shared new financial threat information on fentanyl precursor supply chains, human smuggling and trafficking, professional trade-based money laundering, and fraud, all of which enable illicit trafficking networks…

APG Mutual Evaluation of AML/CFT in Laos

Identifies significant gaps in the assessment and understanding of national and sectoral ML/TF risks in casinos, real estate, banks, transnational organised crime, corruption, environmental crime and human trafficking, etc, as well as
cross-border risks.

JMLSG publishes proposed amendments to crypto-asset transfers guidance

The proposed addition of Annex I to Sector 22 takes account of amendments relating to cryptoasset transfers, as introduced by The ML/TF (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2022. Comments on the proposed revisions should be received by 25th August 2023.

OECD releases paper on “Corruption, accountability & IFF in oil trading”

Focusing on the oil sector, and the unique challenges of addressing and regulating the oil commodity-trading sector, this paper examines the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), and the strengths and limits of the EITI Standard, through the lens of transparency…

IMF publishes technical note on AML/CFT in Iceland

Finds low level of risk in the jurisdiction.

Guernsey FSC: Thematic Review of managing the risk posed by Politically Exposed Persons

FSC undertook onsite inspections to 30 firms across the sectors with the largest exposure to PEPs and found that the controls employed by firms to mitigate PEP risk were effective, with only three of the 30 firms requiring risk mitigation programmes to remediate identified issues.

CFATF conducts Mutual Evaluation of Dominica

Recommends a more comprehensive assessment of TF risk, cross-border financial flows, legal persons, non-profit organisations (NPOs), virtual asset service providers (VASPs) and the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme