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TI Open Letter to the European Commission to uphold Corporate Transparency in the 6th AMLD

TI calls the EC to explicitly support strong provisions for meaningful stakeholder access to beneficial ownership registers that were recently proposed by the European Parliament and ask the EC to to help ensure that the 6th AMLD fully mitigates this risk and enables civil society...
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HMCPSI publishes report on SFO’s case progression

The report concluded that the SFO has made extensive improvements in handling and progressing its cases. HMCPSI has recommended SFO to (i) Develop a strategic resourcing model by Dec 2023, (ii) All case controllers to be provided with enhanced management & leadership...
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EBA publishes its Annual Report on convergence of supervisory practices for 2022

EBA notes EU wide consistent implementation of 2022 priorities in supervisory work programmes and further improvements in the functioning of supervisory colleges but calls for more attention in some areas. Competent authorities also showed ability to react to macro...
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Gambling Commission’s plans for implementation of the Gambling Act Review White Paper

The White Paper committed to increase regulatory powers to tackle illegal gambling and to facilitate cross-government collaboration on a number of areas. The first set of White Paper-related LCCP consultations will be published this summer and pre-consultation...
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OPBAS publishes report on legal and accountancy sector AML supervision

The report has found that professional bodies are continuing to demonstrate good levels of compliance with money laundering regulations but improvements in how effectively they supervise have not been good enough. Too many PBSs still failed to share relevant information...
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FinCEN publishes review of Fiscal Year 2022/23

The Year in Review is intended to help stakeholders gain insight into both FinCEN’s efforts to support law enforcement and national security agencies, and how financial information, filed pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) is used. The information that FIs provide to...
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MONEYVAL releases its Strategy on AML/CFT and proliferation financing (2023-2027)

MONEYVAL held a high-level meeting in Warsaw where Member states committed to improve the effectiveness of their regimes to prevent and combat money laundering, the financing of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction proliferation. Illicit finance poses a major...
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EU agrees comprehensive framework for Crypto Regulation

EP endorsed the first EU rules to trace crypto-asset transfers (like bitcoins & electronic money tokens), prevent money laundering, as well as common rules on supervision and customer protection. The aim is to ensure that crypto transfers can always be traced and suspicious...
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NCA releases latest edition of SARs in Action

The new SAR reporting is live and reporting organisations have started using the new SAR portal to submit SARs. This is a significant milestone for the Programme, as it is the first live application on the new NCA Tier 1 cloud environment. Every submission made on the new SAR portal will improve the quality and structure of the SAR data, which will ultimately enhance the use of SARs to better...
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EU MEPs approves long-awaited EU AML Package

The EU AML package focuses on three pieces of draft legislation notably, the EU “single rulebook”, 6th AML directive and the regulation establishing the European AML Authority with supervisory and investigative powers to ensure compliance with AML/CFT requirements...
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FCA releases its Business Plan 2023/24 prioritising financial crime prevention

The Business Plan sets out how the FCA will deliver its 2022-25 Strategy, prioritising financial crime prevention by focusing on driving down fraud and delivering the UK Economic Crime Plan 2, lowering the incidence of money laundering, raising standards in authorised firms...
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FATF revises its Rec. on combatting ML/TF & proliferation

FATF strengthens the requirements for higher risk situations, and to allow countries to take a more focused approach in areas where high risks remain or implementation could be enhanced. Countries should first identify, assess and apply resources aimed at ensuring the risks...
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