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BVI premier Andrew Fahie replaced after drugs arrest

British Virgin Isles replace premier, Andrew Fahie, following arrest on drug smuggling and ML charges. A no-confidence motion in Andrew Fahie, was backed by the overseas territory's assembly...
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Europol/EMCDDA: EU Drug Markets Report

The report provides an overview of illicit drug markets in the EU by the EMCDDA and Europol and takes a broad view of these markets from production and trafficking, to distribution and use. Designed as a series of modules, each focuses on the market for a particular drug...
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Abacha millions recovered by NCA

NCA recovers almost $23.5m diverted out of Nigeria in the 1990s by the associates and family of former Nigerian Head of State, General Sani Abacha. The funds form part of a larger pool of monies identified by the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ)...
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EBA Report on convergence of supervisory practices

EBA sees progress in the implementation of the supervisory review and evaluation process and of the supervisory priorities but flags some areas for improvement. The report summarises i) how the EBA pursued supervisory convergence in 2021...  
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Egmont Group on FIU’s role in the fight against financial crime

Egmont Group examines the role of FIU’s in fight against financial crime amid the context of COVID-19 in new report. The key FIU tools utilised in corruption-related cases include timely access to financial data and associated information and specialized IT to facilitate...
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European Parliament gives more powers to Europol

Under the new rules, Europol will be able to pursue research and innovation projects, process large datasets, and help national authorities screen foreign direct investment in security-related cases. EU Data Protection Supervisor will oversee Europol’s data processing..
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Moneyval on virtual assets in 2021 annual report

Virtual assets are abused to launder proceeds from fraud and corruption, as well as for tax evasion. There is suspicion that some of the smaller cryptocurrencies are being set up specifically with the motive of laundering. The larger virtual assets are seeing heavy market...
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OECD on its consultation on crypto-assets

The OECD has published the public comments received on the consultation on Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework and Amendments to the Common Reporting Standard. A public consultation meeting (in-person and virtual) will take place on 23 May 2022 and will focus on the key...
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OECD on Tax Transparency in Latin America 2022

OECD examines progress in Latin America in relations to tackling tax evasion and other financial crimes. Tax Transparency 2022 edition covers 16 Latin American countries and aims to inform decision makers and citizens on the latest progress and remaining challenges...
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EBA on professional secrecy regimes of third country authorities

The Guidelines to allow for a wider scope of the assessment, i.e. to include all relevant provisions in the CRD, PSD2, BRRD and AMLD, as applicable to the specific third country authorities); a wider purpose, i.e. to support cooperation arrangements and facilitate...
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Cayman Islands National Strategy for Combating ML/TF

Cayman Islands publishes National Strategy for Combating ML/TF & PF 2022-25.  Fraud, corruption/bribery, and tax evasion pose the highest foreign ML threats for the Cayman Islands. This finding highlights the country’s continued exposure, as an IFC...
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GFI guide covering beneficial ownership laws in Uganda

In Uganda and across the African continent, the main sources of IFFs include corruption, money laundering, organized crime, trade misinvoicing, and tax evasion...
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