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FATF updates consolidated assessment ratings

This table provides latest up-to-date overview of the ratings that assessed countries obtained for effectiveness and technical compliance (last updated on 23 January 2024). These should be read in conjunction with the detailed mutual evaluation reports, which are available…

Interpol White Paper highlights emerging Metaverse crimes and policing challenges

Interpol’s White Paper outlines key challenges in the Metaverse, such as grooming and cyber-attacks, and the complexities of policing digital crimes involving assets like cryptocurrencies, while noting opportunities for law enforcement advancements…

UNODC publishes report on ML threats from casinos, underground banking and transnational organised crime in East and Southeast Asia

According to UNODC, Tether USD (USDT) is the most used crypto to wash money related to illicit activities.

Wolfsberg Principles publishes revised guidance on Swift Relationship Management Application (RMA) due diligence

Changes have been made to keep pace with technical changes occurring as the industry moves to the ISO20022 standard (specifically the fact that, unlike MT messages, the new “MX” messages must all be signed and will therefore all require an RMA). The updated Guidance also provides a clearer, more risk-based approach to RMA due diligence.

Interpol arrested 3,500 people and seized $300m in a huge international online financial crime operation

Interpol’s six-month operation entitled HEACHI IV (July-December 2023) targeted online scams of many types leading to 3,500 people arrested and $300m seized across 34 countries for money laundering, bribery and other offences…

IOSCO publishes decentralised finance (DeFi) policy recommendations including 9 policy recommendations

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) released a comprehensive report offering policy recommendations aimed at tackling market integrity and investor protection concerns within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector…

FATF updates consolidated processes and procedures for mutual evaluations and follow-up universal procedures

The assessments of countries’ effective implementation of the 2012 FATF Recommendations are conducted in accordance with the 2013 Assessment Methodology.

Wolfsberg Group-IIF publish joint response to the FATF’s public consultation on its Risk-Based Guidance on Recommendation 25

FATF’s consultation relates to Beneficial Ownership and Transparency of Legal Arrangements (Recommendation 25).

INTERPOL Secretary General welcomes G7 commitments on transnational organised crime

The G7 remains dedicated to combating transnational organized crime, recognizing it as a global crisis eroding the foundations of the rule of law, communities, and businesses worldwide…

AML regulations in the art market compared across the UK, US and EU

This edition provides a needed and focused overview of laws on AML due diligence obligations, beneficial ownership registration, and the civil and criminal sanctions that can flow from violations in each covered jurisdiction…

OECD publishes Pilot Inter-Agency Trust Maturity Model and Trust Perception Survey

The Inter-Agency Trust Maturity Model is a tool for jurisdictions to self-assess the level of maturity of their practices and processes for achieving and maintaining inter-agency trust, and the Inter-Agency Trust Perception Survey is to help tax/financial crime authorities to foster and develop trusting relationships.

IMF publishes 2023 review of the Fund’s AML and CFT Strategy

Takes stock of the implementation of the IMF’s AML/CFT strategy since 2018 and proposes deepening the integration of financial integrity issues and an enhanced focus on the macroeconomic impact of AML/CFT issues for the way forward.