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Trafficking rings import chemists to teach ‘cooks’ how to disguise cocaine

International cartels are increasingly using sophisticated systems run by specialists in hiding narcotics, who are capable of impregnating the drug into anything from canned oil to clothing…

The dark secrets of Switzerland’s largest gold refinery

Swiss precious metal refiner Valcambi continued to import gold from precious metal dealer and refiner Kaloti after 2019, according to an investigation by Swiss public broadcaster RTS. The Dubai-based company has been accused of money laundering and trading in gold…

Moody’s Analytics research reveals low public understanding of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

New research released today by Moody’s Analytics has highlighted low awareness around the world about Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and the risks they can be connected to. The global survey polled more than 7,500 members of the general public across Europe, the US…

Switzerland drafts tighter rules to combat money laundering

Switzerland drafted new rules to tighten perceived cracks in its money laundering regulations, holding lawyers and consultants accountable for reporting risks and stepping up oversight of legal entities, such as trusts…

PayPal ruling will help India during FATF review of its anti-black money regime

A recent ruling declared American online payment gateway PayPal a ‘reporting entity’ under the AML law will boost India’s efforts to show that its financial systems, currently under a FATF review…

Washington Post: Son of Colombian president arrested for alleged money laundering

The arrest of the Colombian president’s son also comes weeks after leaked audio messages implicated the president’s chief of staff and his ambassador to Venezuela in possible campaign finance violations.

OCCRP: Failed Palau Media Deal Reveals Inner Workings of China’s Pacific Influence Effort

A Palauan newspaper publisher entered into a media deal with a company that turned out to have connections to Chinese security services. The deal fell through, but it highlights China’s efforts to influence the Pacific states — including Palau, a U.S. ally and one of the few countries to recognize Taiwan.

UAE suspends gold refiner on owners’ alleged laundering link

The UAE suspended the accreditation of one of its biggest gold refineries over concerns that its owners had ties to alleged money launderers.

Fiji Times: 3 mobile phones for money laundering

Manchester Evening News: Ferrari and £30k cash seized as three arrested following ‘unlicensed medicines’ investigation

Several storage units and beauty shops were also searched and a large number of items relating to unlicensed versions of Botox and fillers seized by officers from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Paperwork and other evidence were also seized from another address.

Barclays wins UK Supreme Court case over push payment fraud

Barclays won a UK Supreme Court appeal that turned on the extent of banks’ duties to protect customers from fraudsters, in a closely watched decision lawyers say could stem a flood of litigation. Fiona Philipp sued the bank in 2020 after she was tricked into transferring…

Bitcoin ATMs are Numbered As UK Financial Watchdog Cracks Down

The FCA in the UK has stepped up its measures against unlicensed crypto ATMs since 2022, warning consumers about potential risks. Conducting a series of inspections in May and June, the FCA got rid of 26 machines operating unlawfully across the UK in a…