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Germany to stop property deals in cash to fight ML

Germany is preparing legislation to prohibit cash transactions in the real-estate market to step up efforts to fight ML and other financial crimes.
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Ericsson confirms SEC Investigation over Iraq conduct

Swedish firm says it is “fully co-operating” with the US SEC, after it opened an investigation of Ericsson’s conduct in Iraq in 2019...
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Belarus has seized millions of dollars in crypto

Authorities in Belarus have mastered the seizure of cryptocurrencies, the head of the country’s Investigative Committee revealed. He added that law enforcement agencies had to find a way to confiscate such digital assets and have already seized crypto...
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Banks caught in ML scandals risk customer exodus

Banks have to contend with financial and reputational damage. They may be able to pay fines, but they also risk losing customers if they're found flouting rules...
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Corruption in Africa deepens the wounds of COVID-19

Most COVID-19 items were procured under a certificate of emergency, evading public scrutiny and accountability...
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Hong Kong Customs cracks down on ML case

Hong Kong Customs mounted an operation codenamed "Eagle Net" and detected a suspected money laundering case. the suspects used personal bank accounts at various banks including virtual banks to launder a total of about $600 million from unknown sources...
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US Govt loophole on Putin’s cronies hiding their cash

The private equity industry has lobbied hard to keep its exemption from anti-money-laundering rules. If Roman Abramovich is sanctioned, the exemptions and loopholes enjoyed by private equity firms and hedge funds would make it much more difficult...
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DOJ unwinds complex web in hunt for Russian wealth

The DoJ is unraveling a complex web of shell companies and middlemen used by Russian oligarchs as it accelerates efforts to seize assets belonging to the Kremlin's most wealthy and influential players...  
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The biggest money laundering scandals in history

Money laundering is a major concern for businesses and financial institutions across the world and even the biggest...
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Swiss considers amending banking secrecy laws

Swiss considers amending banking secrecy laws amid UN pressure as it faces pressure from UN officials to scrap rules under which whistleblowers and journalists who report on potential wrongdoing can be prosecuted...
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How a petrochemicals empire quietly dodged Iran sanctions

Indian tycoon Yogesh Mehta has made a fortune with Petrochem, his Dubai-based petrochemicals distributor. But one aspect of that business empire has remained hidden from public view: a trade in sanctioned Iranian goods...
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OCC on Anchorage Digital failed to maintain proper AML rules

The Company failed to adopt and implement a compliance program that adequately covers the required BSA/AML program elements

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