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How oligarchs use Brussels to launder their reputations

This tawdry scandal has focused on claims that Qatar funded an influence operation in the European parliament which resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of MEPs and a former vice-president. Over €1.5 million in cash has since been discovered stashed away in flats...
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Will 2023 be the end of international sanctions?

The UN Security Council’s sanctions role has been neutered; new sanctions coalitions must ensure this key tool of international security remains effective. With the international sanctions regime up against the ropes, the West will need to not only rely on its own...
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Crypto and the anti-money laundering complex

Criminal penalties for money laundering are used overwhelmingly against people already subject to punishment for a predicate offence. The vast majority of people charged with “money laundering” are low-level drug dealers. The reason this happens is because...
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FATF upgrades China on two recommendations

China has been upgraded on targeted financial sanctions related to proliferation and transparency and beneficial ownership of legal persons. China will remain in enhanced follow up and will continue to inform the FATF of progress achieved...
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Applying AI to the war on financial crime

Technology is useful in identifying complex money laundering schemes, for mining big data sets for terrorism financing activity, and it is irreplaceable for criminal cases involving cryptocurrencies. ComplyAdvantage automates the scanning of hundreds of thousands...
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Former anti-corruption chief pleaded guilty to bribery

Anti-corruption chief at Chinese spy agency admits taking US$33 million in bribes. The court said that Liu had received the money in return for business favours, lenient sentences, job promotions and help in obtaining restricted car plates. His corruption trail can be traced back to...
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Australia ‘economically vulnerable’ to ML

The "Lucky Laundry," a new book from international financial crime expert Nathan Lynch, opens with a Vietnamese money launderer murder in Sydney and ends with an impromptu party on a Saigon street. Lynch examines Australia's role as a "major international hub" for laundering illicit funds...
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Asset Managers on harnessing technology

Asset managers have swerved the money laundering impact faced by their banking counterparts, progressive capabilities from financial criminals are forcing the sector to notice glaring flaws in their AML processes.
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Corruption: Africa’s undeclared pandemic 

The illicit activities of elected officials, bureaucrats and industry leaders are leaving states unable to deliver the most basic services to their citizens. The ECOWAS, SADC and AU have each established protocols on corruption...
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FCA laments on ‘red flags’ missed by crypto firms

FCA said many crypto firms that have applied to register under MLR miss financial crime “red flags” and have inadequate controls. Crypto is “high-risk and unregulated, which means (people) are unlikely to have protection if things go wrong, so if they choose to invest in crypto...
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Germany to stop property deals in cash to fight ML

Germany is preparing legislation to prohibit cash transactions in the real-estate market to step up efforts to fight ML and other financial crimes.
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Ericsson confirms SEC Investigation over Iraq conduct

Swedish firm says it is “fully co-operating” with the US SEC, after it opened an investigation of Ericsson’s conduct in Iraq in 2019...
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