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GIABA publishes second enhanced follow-up Technical Compliance report on the Gambia

The Gambia is re-rated on Recommendations 1, 13 and 16; covering a risk-based approach, cross-border correspondent banking relationships and the exchange of virtual currencies.

ESAAMLG publishes second enhanced follow-up report and technical compliance re-rating on Tanzania

Finds that Tanzania has addressed the deficiencies in respect of the following Recommendations which have been re-rated as follows: Recommendation 6 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Partially Compliant; Recommendation 10 (initially rated PC) is re-rated to Largely Compliant; Recommendation 12 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Partially Compliant; Recommendation 13 (initially rated PC) is re-rated to Compliant; Recommendation 17 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Partially Compliant; Recommendation 18 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Compliant; Recommendation 19 (initially rated NC) is re-rated to Compliant.

FINTRAC issues an advisory on the role of virtual currency automated teller machines in laundering the proceeds of crime

Describes key attributes of virtual currency automated teller machines activity in Canada suspected of being related to money laundering or terrorist activity financing. In particular, suspicious transactions involving virtual currency automated teller machines are concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Montréal Area, and Metro Vancouver.

AUSTRAC and SkyCity have agreed on a proposed $67 million penalty for Adelaide’s casino due to its violations of the AML/CFT Act 2006

SkyCity has acknowledged in reaching this agreement that it violated the AML/CTF Act in several ways, including that: Its AML/CTF Programs violated the section 81 by not adhering to the AML/CTF Act and AML/CTF Regulations…


HKMA alerts members of the public on phishing instant messages related to ICBC (Asia) Limited

The HKMA wishes to remind the public that banks will not send SMS or emails with embedded hyperlinks which direct them to the banks’ websites to carry out transactions. They will not ask customers for sensitive personal information, such as login passwords or One-Time Password, by phone, email or SMS (including via embedded hyperlinks)…

Australia passes new Digital ID Bill, which will provide many benefits to Australians by improving privacy and security when interacting online

It will also strengthen the voluntary Accreditation Scheme for Digital ID service providers that wish to demonstrate compliance with best practice privacy, security, proofing and authentication standards, providing Australians with more choice of secure and trusted providers..



US Institute of Peace publishes report on transnational crime in South East Asia

Report explores the dimensions and nature of Southeast Asia’s China-origin criminal networks and their involvement in online scamming.

MAS imposes composition penalty of S$2.5m on Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd. for AML/CFT breaches

The breaches included failure to take into account certain relevant risk factors relating to the company’s customers and business activities in its EWRA, failure to perform CDD measures before establishing business relations, failure to scrutinise multiple third-party transactions in customers’ accounts even though the transactions were not consistent with SAFS’ knowledge of the customers…

FATF re-rates Georgia on Recommendation 12 in latest compliance report

Notes efforts undertaken by the country to address technical compliance shortcomings identified in its 2020 Mutual Evaluation Report. Notably, the amendments introduced by Georgia in 2023 to its AML legislation have fully addressed the deficiencies previously identified regarding measures applicable to politically exposed persons.

Australia Govt plans to invest $166.4m in its Budget to implement reforms to Australia’s (AML/CTF) regime

The reforms are critical in supporting law enforcement partners in their fight against transnational, serious and organised crime and protecting Australians. This investment will enable the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) to implement the new regime and to support industries meet their obligations…

The GI-TOC’s Pacific Programme is mapping how organized crime is impacting the Pacific Islands and exploring the different criminal actors driving illicit activities

The Pacific islands now occupy a more prominent place on the international strategic chessboard as a result of the proliferation of trade, diplomatic and security engagements in the region in the 21st century.  This is due to greater foreign presence and influence in Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, and intensifying geopolitical competition among external partners. This reality, alongside greater connectivity and market trends, is also drastically  transforming the criminal landscape.

FINTRAC issues statement on Canada’s use of artificial intelligence

FINTRAC is looking to leap ahead from a technical, process and culture perspective so that it can stay ahead of the bad actors, find new and meaningful ways to collaborate with its partners and continue to deliver value and results in an ever-changing world.