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SFO releases Annual Report & Accounts 2022-23

SFO performance was characterised by a higher number of prosecutions than in previous years, a steady number of active investigations, and the beginning of a wide-ranging programme of internal reform.

Home Office publishes report on counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) 2023

The aim of CONTEST is to reduce the risk from terrorism to the UK, its citizens and interests overseas, so people can live freely and with confidence.

Gambling business Star Racing Limited fined £594,000

Gambling operator Star Racing Limited will pay a £594,000 penalty for AML and social responsibility failures which inluded having ineffective policies, procedures and controls in place at the time of the compliance assessment; allowing customers to deposit large amounts…

UK: Modern Slavery in the Construction Sector – Industry Information

Modern slavery is often perpetrated by organised criminals and is the most extreme form of labour exploitation. Common commercial practices can create vulnerabilities in the workforce where criminality can thrive, for example, through complex supply chains, lapses…

NCA: Money laundering cash couriers smuggled millions in suitcases

The couriers, who were paid around £3,000 for each trip and would be booked on business class flights due to the extra luggage allowance, communicated on WhatsApp groups, including one titled ’Sunshine and lollipops’.

Barclays wins UK Supreme Court case over push payment fraud

Barclays won a UK Supreme Court appeal that turned on the extent of banks’ duties to protect customers from fraudsters, in a closely watched decision lawyers say could stem a flood of litigation. Fiona Philipp sued the bank in 2020 after she was tricked into transferring…

FCA’s chief Nikhil Rathi on emerging regulatory approach to Big Tech and Artificial Intelligence

The FCA welcomes the government’s call for the UK to be the global hub of AI regulation and will open our AI sandbox to firms wanting to test the latest innovations. Big Tech’s role as the gatekeepers of data in financial services will be under increased scrutiny…

FCA continues crackdown on unregistered crypto ATMs in the UK

Since the start of 2023, the FCA has visited and inspected 34 locations across the UK suspected of hosting crypto ATMs.

HM Treasury issues Policy Paper ‘Building a Smarter Financial Services Regulatory Framework for the UK: Plan for Delivery’

This plan sets out how the government is delivering a Smarter Regulatory Framework for the UK by replacing retained EU law on financial services. It also reports that HMT is commencing the repeal of statutory restrictions which prevent the UK’s financial services regulators…

FCA to review how banks treat politically exposed persons (PEPs)

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt was refused a bank account with Monzo last year, which the chancellor said was an example of the “barriers” faced by people wanting to work in public life. He said he believed he was denied the account before he became chancellor because he was a PEP…

UK Finance requests answers to question on new UK restrictions on legal advisory services

UK Finance have collated a list of questions about the new restrictions on legal advisory services in Regulation 54D (previous post) of the Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2023, which has now been sent to the relevant government departments…

HM Treasury consults on the reform of the AML/CTF supervisory regime

HMT has published a consultation on reform of the AML/CTF supervisory system, in line with a commitment in the Economic Crime Plan 2023-6. The consultation will be open for three months, closing on the 30th September 2023…