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This section covers the EU Sanctions List.

The EU maintains a Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions. It also maintains a list and map of countries subject to EU, UN or both EU and UN sanctions.

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Latest editions


EU adopts 13th package of sanctions against Russia on Ukraine’s war second anniversary

This package focuses on further limiting Russia’s access to military technologies, such as for drones, and on listing additional companies and individuals involved in Russia’s war effort. With this new package the number of individual listings has reached over 2000, dealing a huge blow to those who enable Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine…

EU Sanctions List last updated

EU introduces new sanctions against foreign companies assisting Russia’s military actions

EU is preparing to sanction military and tech firms from China, Kazakhstan, Serbia, and other countries helping Russia’s war effort. Russia has managed to overcome sweeping EU and U.S. technology sanctions aimed at stifling its military-industrial complex by rerouting crucial goods like microprocessors through friendly third nations, such as China…


EU sanctions five Guatemalan officials for undermining democracy and rule of law

The Council of EU has imposed sanctions on five Guatemalan officials, including Attorney General María Consuelo Porras Argueta De Porres, for undermining democracy, the rule of law, and the peaceful transfer of power in Guatemala. The sanctions involve an asset freeze and a travel restriction barring entry into the EU. The other officials are Ángel Arnoldo Pineda Ávila, José Rafael Curruchiche Cucul, Leonor Eugenia Morales Lazo De Sánchez, and judge Fredy Raúl Orellana Letona, all accused of actions threatening democratic governance…

UK warns of criminal exploitation of the artwork storage facilities

The alert emphasizes the necessity for the art sector to perform routine due diligence assessments to monitor any alterations in a client’s situation. Criminals, including those under sanctions, exploit these services to evade sanctions and…

EC adds six persons and five entities to EU Sanctions List on Syria

The EU Council has intensified sanctions on Syria, targeting six individuals and five entities linked to the Assad regime for their roles in arms trade and money laundering, reinforcing EU’s stance against ongoing human rights abuses in Syria…

Council of the EU establishes dedicated sanctions framework for Hamas and and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, listing six individuals

Those listed under the sanctions regime are subject to an asset freeze. The provision of funds or economic resources, directly or indirectly, to them or for their benefit is prohibited. Additionally, a travel ban to the EU applies to the natural persons listed.

EU establishes Guatemala sanctions regime to hold accountable those obstructing a democratic transition following the 2023 general elections

The EU will be able to impose restrictive measures against individuals and entities responsible for actions that undermine democracy, the rule of law and a peaceful transfer of power in Guatemala, including through persecution or intimidation of public officials…


EC updated its frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the sanctions imposed on Russia

​The EC updated its Russia Sanctions FAQs concerning several sectors: 1) Medicines and medical devices, 2) Media, 3) Export-related restrictions for dual-use goods, and advanced technologies, 4) Imports, purchase and transfer of listed goods…




EBA consults on Guidelines for payment and crypto service providers to understand and comply with sanctions measures

Through two sets of new guidelines, the EBA creates, for the first time, a common understanding, among payment service providers (PSPs), crypto-asset service providers (CASPs) and their supervisors, of the steps they need to take to be able to comply with restrictive measures. The consultation runs until 25 March 2024.

EU adopts 12th package of economic and individual sanctions

The focus of this package is to impose more import and export bans on Russia, combat sanctions circumvention, and close loopholes. It includes additional listings of Russian individuals and companies and new import and export bans…

EU Council and EU Parliament reach political agreement to criminalise violation of EU sanctions

Negotiations were concluded for an EU law which introduces criminal offences and penalties for the violation of EU sanctions. This directive ensures that those who violate or circumvent EU sanctions will be prosecuted. This gains particular importance in the context of the Russian…