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Global Initiative releases report on ‘We just want to find our children’ – Understanding disappearances as a tool of organised crime

This brief draws from the work and perspectives of such civil society and community members who live in environments that are exposed to disappearances. It assesses this form of organized crime as a serious human rights violation. While informed by the global dynamics of this criminal market, it focuses on contexts in which disappearances occur in Latin America, analyzing in particular the cases of Mexico and Venezuela…


Human Rights Watch publishes annual report for 2024

Examines human rights suppression across the world during 2023, with a call to action for state actors to respond to the needs of those suffering under conflict in Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and the Sahel.

UNODC publishes Global Study on Homicide

The Study shows that 2021 was an exceptionally lethal year, with an estimated 458,000 intentional homicidesworldwide, averaging 52 killings every hour.

UNODC publishes new research on women and girls killed in 2022

Finds the more women and girls were killed in 2022 even as overall homicide numbers fall.

Financial Transparency Coalition publishes new report on ‘1 in 4 fishing vessels accused of forced labour owned by European companies, a quarter flagged to China’

The report warns that beneficial ownership information is rarely, if ever requested, by most countries when registering vessels or requesting fishing licenses, meaning that those ultimately responsible for the abuses are not detected and punished…

IOM and UNODC release new guidance to help combat human trafficking through data 

The first working draft of the ICS-TIP promotes a common approach for national data collection on human trafficking. The guidance will support governments to collect and analyse high quality, internationally-comparable data, which can be used…

Human trafficking statistics quadruples

Despite increased international attention and resources from states and other non-governmental institutions, the number of people falling victim to human trafficking around the world continues to grow. Between 2008 and 2019 the number of human trafficking victims…

Interpol issues global warning on human trafficking-fueled fraud

INTERPOL has been observing a growing crime phenomenon: large-scale human trafficking where victims are lured through fake job ads to online scam centres and forced to commit cyber-enabled financial crime on an industrial scale. The trend has seen tens of thousands…

UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2022

According to the report, fewer victims of trafficking in persons are being identified even as the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises are increasing vulnerabilities to exploitation. The number of victims detected globally fell by 11 per cent in 2020 from the previous year…