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Basel Guide on collective action against corruption

Basel Institute on Governance publishes guide to help governments engage with the private sector more effectively to prevent corruption. Collective Action initiatives have catalysed changes to laws, reduced red tape and changed operating practices...
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EU on the fight against VAT fraud

The EU Council authorised the opening of negotiations with Norway to strengthen the agreement between the EU and Norway on administrative cooperation, combating fraud and recovery of value added tax (VAT) claims...
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FATF removes Malta from grey list and adds Gibraltar

FATF congratulated Malta for the significant progress it has made in addressing the strategic AML/CFT deficiencies previously identified by the FATF and included in its action plan. Malta will no longer be subject to the FATF’s increased monitoring process....
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IMF conference on fight against corruption

The IMF is dedicating resources to capacity building in anti-corruption and rule of law. Training programs include anticorruption legal and organizational frameworks, establishing functional systems for asset declarations, addressing conflict of interest, and enhancing judicial...
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FinCEN advisory on Elder Financial Exploitation

FinCEN warns FIs about rising trend of elder financial exploitation (EFE), which involves the illegal or improper use of an older adult’s funds, property, or assets and urges financial institutions to detect, prevent, and report suspicious financial transactions...
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SFO on fraudulent Global Forestry Investment scheme

Mr Bowers and Mr Skeene were behind Global Forestry Investments, a fraudulent green investment scheme which scammed around 2,000 investors out of their savings and pensions. The fraudulent duo encouraged victims to invest in three Brazilian teak tree plantations, claiming they were...
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Ericsson confirms SEC Investigation over Iraq conduct

Swedish firm says it is “fully co-operating” with the US SEC, after it opened an investigation of Ericsson’s conduct in Iraq in 2019...
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NCA report on youth pathways into cybercrime

The report highlights that online gaming provides a common initial exposure and pathway into UK based. High IQ, an interest in technology, real-world social isolation, and a higher appetite to engage in risky behaviour online are likely identifiers...
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TI report on climate geoengineering technologies corruption gaps 

The report explores where and how corruption arises when using climate geoengineering technologies and examines the power dynamics behind their creation and implementation and also puts forward recommendations on how to combat and mitigate corruption risks...
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Basel Institute of Governance annual report 2021

Basel Institute of Governance publishes annual report for 2021 highlighting key anti-corruption strategies & priorities. Corruption is a strategic weapon, used to buy geopolitical influence, to capture entire economies and to subjugate people...
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GRECO on transparency and accountability of lobbying

European governments should increase transparency and accountability around lobbying to ensure that members of the public know which actors are seeking to influence political decisions so that the risk of corrupt practices can be reduced...
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First SFO trial of 2022 results in double conviction

The SFO has secured the convictions of the two company directors behind fraudulent green investment schemes in Brazil, which took in approximately £37 million of investments. Global Forestry Investments was presented as a secure, well-managed, ethical investment...
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