smartKYC’s AI software is used by banks to automate customer due diligence whether for remediation, onboarding, refresh or continuous monitoring. Our technology drives faster, better, and more cost-effective KYC at every stage of the relationship, liberating human effort to focus on decision-making rather than laborious screening and research.

smartKYC integrates all relevant KYC sources – external watchlists, media archives, open web search, private company data, internal blacklists – and like a human, it reads everything and extracts useful intelligence from it in the form of facts. Facts about risks like adverse media but also insights into source of wealth, network risk, even ESG misdemeanours. Sophisticated hit scoring maximises relevance and minimizes false positives. All this is done at speed and at scale so that straight through processing opportunities become obvious. So while smartKYC is in refresh or continuous monitoring mode, it watches only for net new risks as they emerge, not repeats of what is already known.

And given the multilingual nature of our AI, our clients are as confident conducting their due diligence on Russian, Chinese or Brazilian subjects as they are in English.

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