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msg Rethink Compliance

msg Rethink Compliance is a leading consultancy and tech company specialising in supporting organisations across all sectors in the professional and technical implementation of their compliance and risk management. We have years of experience advising more than 1,200 financial institutions in over 100 countries. With our powerful Enterprise Risk Assessment software, we transform the traditionally manual and cumbersome process into an automated, real-time procedure. We also offer a Chief Compliance Officer governance platform for efficient, group-wide policy management. AI-based compliance bots and other data-driven products provide intelligent decision support for compliance processes, reducing risk and increasing productivity.


Arctic Intelligence

Arctic Intelligence is a multi-award-winning regulatory technology (RegTech) business that specialises in financial crime risk and compliance assessment technology, designed to help regulated businesses regardless of their size, industry sector or geographic location to identify, assess, mitigate and manage their financial crime risks.

AML Accelerate Platform is a guided money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment and AML Program platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses in over 30 industry sectors and over 30 countries.

Risk Assessment Platform is a risk-domain agnostic platform designed for larger more complex organisations that want to be able to configure their risk management methodology.