Vesna McCreery


Following a career of over twenty years in financial services, Vesna founded Ansev Solutions. It is a consultancy with a deep interest in applying regulatory technology into the mix of people and process improvements. Ansev serves financial institutions, fintechs and corporates in all aspects of financial crime, reputational risk and regulatory crisis management. Her career in financial crime started at Goldman Sachs before 9/11 and extended from reputational risk and due diligence to every facet of financial crime at banks such as Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Santander.

She has led global financial crime functions at institutions such as RBS and Barclays, contributing to the lifting of the Deferred Prosecution Agreements by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in both, and also served as the financial crime advisor to the Monitor of HSBC working closely with the DOJ, FCA and the FED. She worked at a start-up consultancy Exiger, with a stint at KPMG as a business and product developer. Ansev Solutions also works through partnerships to achieve the right outcomes for its clients. For example, Ansev partner with RegTech Associates for strategy, research and insight into the Regulatory and Legal technology market and with Evalueserve for integrated financial crime projects.





Vesna McCreery
MD& previously RBS Global Head of Financial Crime
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