Taavi Tamkivi

Taavi is a dedicated crime-fighter with nearly two decades experience working in anti-money laundering, fraud and financial crime. With Salv he has built Europe’s first cross-border fincrime intelligence sharing platform, AML Bridge, and a comprehensive anti-financial crime product suite, AML Platform, including sanctions screening, transaction monitoring and customer risk assessment.  

Prior to co-founding Salv in 2018, Taavi was the global head of compliance for Wise (then TransferWise), responsible for scaling Wise’s compliance teams and tooling across seven operational areas, and keeping cross-border flows of 5bn per month safe from financial crime. Before Wise, Taavi led Skype’s revenue assurance and fraud teams, preventing fraud attacks on what was then the most popular voice-over-IP service in the world.

Taavi is passionate about Salv’s mission – to beat financial crime – and has built a team of 60+ passionate crime-fighters around him that are already safeguarding the payments of some of Europe’s largest banks, payment service providers, and money-service businesses. In his spare time he is a keen runner, kayaker and father to his four children.





Taavi Tamkivi
Co-Founder &