Steve Strickland


Steve is highly respected Compliance professional and holds a number of Executive Director/Board positions. Currently Group Chief Compliance Officer for Copper Technologies a leading crypto custody provider. He has also held senior/executive roles at Elements Digital, Sotheby’s, Deutsche Bank and Barclays/Barclaycard. Before the move to financial services Steve was a senior detective serving with both Cambridgeshire and City of London Police specialising in economic crime.

Steve is a Fellow of the International Compliance Association and holds a Doctorate is in economic crime with a focus on fraud and strategic leadership. He has held roles as Chief Compliance Officer, Group MLRO, MLRO, Nominated Officer, Head of Financial Crime Operations, Global Head of Financial Crime Intelligence, Global Head of Counter Terrorism & Proliferation Financing and Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption.





Steve Strickland
Chief Compliance