Simon Welch


Simon is National Coordinator NPCC Financial Investigation Portfolio for the City of London Police. Previously Simon worked for the Metropolitan Police where he served on numerous units as a Detective including the Regional Crime Squad, The Anti-Terrorist Unit, the Homicide Team, the Kidnap Unit finally heading up the ML Teams at New Scotland Yard. In 2016 on retirement, he went to HSBC where he ran a Global Coordination Team mitigating risk to the bank following high profile cases such as the Panama Papers. He then went on to work for the United Nations on Drugs and Crime training Counter Terrorist Officers in Pakistan. In 2019 he joined the NPCC Economic Crime Portfolio as a coordinator and now spends much of his time working with the regions and forces to raise the profile of financial crime and money laundering and its links to serious and organised crime.







Simon Welch
National Coordinator
City of London Police