Philipp Amann

Philipp is an experienced professional and enjoys working pro-actively and collaboratively in making cyberspace safer and more secure.

He has 20+ years of combined work experience and hands-on skills in cyber security and defence, combatting cybercrime, policy & governance, intelligence management, crypto analysis, and digital transformation.

He has 20+ years of programme and project management experience as well as quality and change management in international and multicultural environments (e.g. successful delivery of Europol’s new decryption platform).

Philipp has a wealth of experience in developing and implementing strategies, policies, standards (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 9001) and innovative solutions in complex environments.

He has extensive experience in leading international and multi-cultural teams as well as in collaborating with the financial sector, the information security industry and the telecommunication sector.




Philipp Amann
Head of Strategy Cybercrime and Crypto  Centre