Mihai Barlici


Mihai is working as director of the Prevention Directorate, within the Anti-corruption General Directorate, of the Romanian Ministry of Home Affairs.

With more than 15 years of experience in activities and policies related to prevention and fight against corruption, Mr. Bârlici participated in the drafting, impact analysis and peer-review process of several national anti-corruption strategies and action plans concerning the Romanian Ministry of Home Affairs (consultation, data collection, drafting of reports).

He drafted the Corruption Risk Assessment Methodology and the Integrity Incident Assessment Methodology in the Romanian Ministry of Home Affairs, and further cooperated with the Romanian Ministry of Justice regarding the adoption of a national model for the assessment of corruption risks and the assessment of integrity incidents for all public institutions.

He also showed a keen interest in scientific research on corruption, the factors that favour corruption risks and the effectiveness of preventive and repressive policies and actions adopted at national and international level. He has coordinated and contributed to several scientific studies written at the level of the Anticorruption General Directorate, concerning the perception of corruption, or the thematic assessment of corruption risks and vulnerabilities.

He has participated in numerous training activities, seminars, presentations and has worked as an expert on the theme of the prevention of corruption, anti-corruption strategies and corruption risk assessment, in Romania and abroad (including with GRECO, UNODC, RAI, Council of Europe and OECD).

Since December 2021, he is acting deputy vice-president within the anti-corruption strand of European Partners against Corruption/European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/EACN) – an independent forum for practitioners, united in the common goal of preventing and combating corruption, composed of anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies from EU and Council of Europe Member Countries.






Mihai Barlici
Head of Prevention Directorate & Deputy VP
DGA & EPAC Romania