Michael Levi


Michael has been conducting criminological research on fraud, organised crime, corruption, cybercrime and money laundering issues since 1972. He has a distinguished track record of transnational and multidisciplinary research. In particular, he has built an international reputation for excellence in both fundamental and policy-oriented research on money laundering, corruption, cybercrimes, transnational organised crime and white-collar crimes. 

This is reflected in recent major lifetime achievement awards from the British and American Societies of Criminology, the Tackling Economic Crime Award, and the Al Thani Rule of Law Committee/UNODC Corruption Research and Education prize. He has played an advisory role both internationally (with the European Commission and Parliament, Europol, Council of Europe, UN and World Economic Forum) and nationally (with the UK Home Office and Cabinet Office, and with the Crime Statistics Advisory Committee).

Michael Levi
Professor of Criminology
Cardiff University