Marcus Peckham


Marcus has recently moved to Deutsche Bank where he is the Senior Advisor Trade Finance and Lending Business Line AFC. For the past 20+ years, Marcus has been an experienced practitioner in Financial Crime Compliance and more specifically FinCrime/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Advisory/Oversight, during which time he has been advising the Business on a wide range of topics in relation to FinCrime Policy and regulatory matters, including in relation to high risk sectors.

As well as working on strategic financial crime projects, programmes and initiatives across the Corporate Banking Business, he has also cemented considerable expertise in the Trade Based Money Laundering space and the FinTech and Crypto-assets sectors, contributing to intellectual think tanks and industry body guidance, including the Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Taskforce (JMLIT), Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and Global Digital Finance (GDF).






Marcus Peckham
Deputy Director & Head of Economic Unit
Deutsche Bank