Kimberly Smith


Kimberly Smith is a founder of SILO Compliance System, a CDD and AML compliance technology used by small and mid-sized fiduciary and financial services businesses. Kimberly has her Graduate Diploma in AML from the International Compliance Association and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. She is currently taking an MIT Sloan School course on AI and its implications for business strategy. 

Kimberly also hosts the free webinar series AML Compliance Grey Matters, discussing with guests areas of AML with little guidance or unclear best practices. Guests have included Homeland Security Investigators, nuclear policy advisors, cyber security, and regulatory legal professionals.   She is also a member of a CEO Tech Forum, sharing ideas about growing tech companies with fellow CEOs and business owners.  






Kimberly Smith
Co-Founder, CDD
and AML Compliance
SILO Compliance