Hugh Bigwood


Hugh is currently acts as a consultant helping companies across a variety of sectors build and develop their compliance programs.  Before starting his own consultancy company, Hugh held a number of senior compliance roles at Abbott (a global life sciences company) where he was responsible for all of Abbott’s compliance program outside of the US across all of Abbott’s divisions; Rio Tinto (a large mining company) where he was the global Chief Compliance Officer; LivaNova (a medium sized MedTech company) where he was the Chief Compliance Officer for all operations across 120 countries; and (most recently) General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Evercare Group, a Dubai based company responsible for running 30+ hospitals and clinics across Africa, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.   Prior to his career in Compliance, Hugh held a number of senior legal positions in Abbott; Pliva (a Croatian based generics company); Cultor (a Finnish multinational involved in the food industry) and Pfizer.  He is passionate about the use of behavioural science and and technology to make Compliance programs (and Compliance Officers) more effective. 





Hugh Bigwood
Senior Anti-Corruption
HB Compliance Ltd